February Goals

So my run this afternoon went swimmingly!  My current goal on tempo runs is to do 2 miles at 9:30 (~5K) pace.  Today I did 2.25 at sub 9:30!


Just in case that was a fluke, especially since I haven’t done much speedwork or even multiple days of running per week, I’ll try another one later this week just to confirm if I’m actually getting faster! 

January Goals:

  • Go to yoga 7 times this month – Not quite. I attended 4 times in January. Will try again for February!
  • Join the Chicago Tri Club – actually submit  my registration, not just web-stalk them! Success!  I registered, and attended a 3-session bike maintenance class, and also attended their newbie Happy Hour! 
  • Do two speed workouts & one tempo run.  #Fail.  Didn’t attempt much in January apart from my long runs.
  • Develop a plank & push-up plan. Starting point:  Do tests to see how long I can hold a plank & how many full push-ups I can do.  I held a 2 minute plank and did the 100-push-up challenge test.  Didn’t do anything else apart from the benchmark tests.
  • Send 4 post-cards & collect the other postcards I may have lying around.  #Fail. February?
  • Bike to work 4 times – (weather permitting). Today is day 1. Completed! I think I did five total. 
  • Get on my bike & wear a heart rate monitor. Success!  I did two at-home trainer workouts, plus signed up for a computrainer class at a nearby cycling gym.
  • Pick one recipe and cook it this month.  I picked a recipe and thought about it… does that count? Smile 
  • Complete the CES Winter Warriors 13.1 winter run, and one full week of the planned training runs. 13.1 run was completed.  Following a full week of planned training runs, not so much. 

February Goals:

  • Complete 16 Runs this month, including at least one speedwork or tempo run each week. 
  • Do planks & push-ups three times a week. 
  • Start the post-card challenge.  Get my postcards together, and send out 4 or 5 to loved ones this month.
  • Purchase ingredients & schedule when to cook 1 recipe.  My recipe of choice is chili, or macaroni & cheese.
  • Go to yoga 7 times. 
  • Track my food intake for each day from Feb 5-29. 
  • Post on my blog 12 times in February. 
  • Participate in the Appreciation Challenge from Amanda at Run to the Finish
  • Participate in the Burpee Challenge. I learned about it from Run Court Run!
  • Participate in the photo challenge that Courtney is also doing. 

Who else is setting monthly goals? I find it helpful to set mini goals that are helping to move me in the directions I want to go.


6 thoughts on “February Goals

    1. Lauren Post author

      You know – for some reason it doesn’t feel quite like it to me, until I realized that today we’re 1/4 through the month!

  1. Erin

    A 2 minute plank!!! That’s so awesome. I’m a weird one in that I love side planks but am just rubbish at regular ones.

    Looking forward to the photo challenge. Hope you’re planning to share your photos with us 🙂

  2. kilax

    I set one monthly goal for February and am already having a hard time with it. Sigh. I am not good at monthly goals. At least, that one.

    WTG on the speedwork! You are getting quicker!!!

    Does your family know about your postcard goal? Or is it going to be a surprise?

    What program do you use to track your food?

    1. Lauren Post author

      Thanks! I don’t think most people know about my postcard goal yet. Maybe telling them will help keep me accountable to this (fun) goal!
      I am tracking my food w/ MyFitnessPal – I found they have much more foods from Trader Joe’s (my main grocery store) which makes it that much easier for me to log!


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