Weekly Workout Roundup–Week #3

Last week was the first time I posted a record of my weekly workout summaries. This week has been busy with lots of stuff! I’m still wokring on getting my working too much back in balance.

January 16-22:

Monday: 45 minute run at my parents’ house in Maryland. Very hilly.

Tuesday: Rest.  2nd class of a bicycle maintenance workshop I’m taking with Chicago Tri Club.

Wednesday:  Early AM Vinyasa yoga.  I really enjoy doing this yoga class before starting the day. I feel like I approach the day with a much more level head.

Thursday:  Personal Training 30 minute session.  My arms & quads were screaming at the end of this workout!

Friday: Rest & Chicago Snowstorm.

Saturday:  6 mile run with the CES Winter Warriors, and then met a friend for a yoga class.  I practically ran from one workout to the next! It was great to stretch out right away, and also to catch up with her over coffee after the class was over. I also complete tree pose for the first time ever, which I was so excited about. My legs are not very flexible.

Sunday: 75 minute Vinyasa yoga class again! Same friend. Unfortunately we didn’t even try tree pose today. This morning’s class seemed hotter and harder.  I’m glad I got it in again.

So this week was not as much running or cycling, but I’m glad I got my Om on this week!


5 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Roundup–Week #3

  1. Emily

    That bicycle maintenance class sounds awesome! All that yoga sounds fantastic, too – I know that yoga is really important but I tend to forgo it in favor of just running more (even though I’ve learned the hard way that stretching and flexibility are so important). Do you feel a difference in your running and other workouts from all of the yoga?

    1. Lauren Post author

      I do feel myself being less sore in my running muscles after yoga. Maybe it’s because there’s more allover soreness, but I think some of it is the stretching going on with yoga too.


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