11 Random Questions Meme

Kim tagged anyone who wanted for the 11 Random Meme, so I’m game! This is a fun thing to do as I’m waiting to go grocery shopping this weekend. Meme rules:

  1. You must post 11 random things about yourself
  2. Answer the questions set for you in their post
  3. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer <– I don’t tag people. Feel free to participate on your blog or in the comments. 
  4. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them
  5. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people!

11 Random Things About Me:

  1. My left foot is bigger than my right.  I always judge shoe-buying decisions by the left foot. 
  2. I forgot how much fun Jeopardy can be until I was watching it at the nail salon yesterday.
  3. Quinoa may very well be my favorite grain. 
  4. I currently own 3 bikes:  a new road bike (for triathlons), a mountain bike (my first bike as an adult), and an old single-speed bike I got off Craig’s List this summer. I’m trying to decide which of the second two that I should get rid of as I feel it’s a bit much for one person to have 3 bikes. 
  5. I love the idea of a decluttered home and am always on the lookout for what to donate / streamline. However it seems like I never quite get anywhere.
  6. I gave up coffee last fall and now drink tea like a demon.  I had two cups of coffee at work a few weeks ago and felt myself jittering around afterward.  No more coffee. 
  7. I have 4 bags of coffee in my home, gifts from last year. Anyone know if coffee beans are still good?  If so, does anyone in Chicago want them? 
  8. I like gardening, and have been working on cloning my succulent plants.  I have 2 Jade plants that I’ve been spawning into approximately 12 smaller plants.  I also have an air plant that spawned a baby completely on it’s own.  
  9. I plan to wear Toms at my wedding.                                       Ivory Grosgrain Women's Wedges
  10. While I personally do not care too much about fashion (although I like to look nice), I do enjoy shoes! I have a nice little collection and it’s hard not to want to get more for all sorts of reasons! 
  11. My favorite beverages are red wine and also a nice gin & ginger. 

Kim’s 11 Questions:

  1. What is your dream job? Not sure.  Some days I’d love to be a yoga teacher, but I’m also enjoy what I do now (just not the hours and understaffed-ness of our organization). Of course, that means I should probably attend yoga more than once per week! 
  2. What is the farthest (furthest?) you have traveled from home? Well, I made it to the end of the world!  In college I studied abroad in Chile and took a trip down to the southernmost point in South America, Ushuaia on the island of Tierra del Fuego.  
  3. Do you think you can you have more than one best friend? I think so. I have had different BFFs at different points in my life, and while we may fall out of touch somewhat as we move onto different points in our lives, I still keep a soft spot for each one in my heart!  
  4. What is your favorite cuisine?  I love Asian cuisine, and probably Vietnamese food the most.  It’s so refreshing! Pho, spring rolls, and all sorts of dishes.  Mike & I actually took a trip to Vietnam last year to enjoy the food at its source! 
  5. Who is the first person you want to share news with?  Probably Mike, my husband-to-be
  6. What are people likely to ask you to help them with? Hm – not sure. At work, I’m the go-to person for more technical questions on how the software we use works, or to troubleshoot issues. Outside of that, I’m not sure… 
  7. What are you likely to ask someone to help you with? I sometimes have a hard time making decisions. Which fall marathon should I run? What should we have for dinner tonight?  I like to think of myself as pretty easy-going (although dedicated once I commit), but I know it’s sometimes hard when I don’t have much of an opinion on our everyday things like meals or where to go out with friends.  
  8. Why do you read blogs? I love learning from the different perspectives and experiences that people have! I also find that there are certain people who I’ve met online who seem to have a more similar perspective and philosophies than some people who I see in-real-life.  
  9. Who knows you the best?  The cat I don’t have yet.  No, really I’d say Mike.  After 5+ years of dating, he’s figured out exactly when pushing me to do something will motivate me, versus pushing that would make me say “No I’m not doing this”.  
  10. Do you believe in karma?  I suppose so.  I think it’s important to do good, be polite, and that this will be returned to you.  I’m not so sure about the being returned in the afterlife, but more on the sometime soon.  Volunteering and doing good always gives me such a good feeling. 
  11. What’s something you are really interested in, that most people don’t know about? (that you are interested in it, not the thing itself)  I love the beach and swimming and anything close to the water.  Marine biologist was definitely one of the careers I wanted when I was a kid.  Funny since now I’m living in the midwest and barely make it on a beach vacation every couple years, but it is something that I love and being by water calms me.  I love running along the lakefront for that reason. 

My 11 Questions for You:

  1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  2. Do you have a goal / legacy that you’d like to leave behind? 
  3. What is the food you eat most frequently?
  4. What is the best meal you ever ate? 
  5. Favorite Run?
  6. Who did you last talk on the phone with?
  7. What is the last book you read? 
  8. Open- or closed-toe shoes in the summer?
  9. What’s the coolest race swag or prize that you’ve received?
  10. Do you consider yourself to be shy or outgoing? 
  11. Do you live near or far from family?


  1. Molly
  2. Courtney
  3. Erin
  4. Amanda
  5. Annabelle
  6. Monica
  7. Kayla
  8. Bobbi
  9. Sorry – don’t feel like tagging any more people!

5 thoughts on “11 Random Questions Meme

  1. kilax

    Thanks for playing! And the link 🙂

    What do you like to do with quinoa? I have some, but we have not found a great recipe 🙂

    Do you think there is any Vietnamese food I could try that is vegan?

    I will write my answers here since I played already 🙂 :

    1. Egypt
    2. Ha ha. No. I would like people to think I was fun to be around.
    3. Hmm. Probably oatmeal.
    4. Anything I ate in Rome. Probably the pizza there.
    5. Any long run this summer! I ran a lot with Erin and we had a lot of fun.
    6. My husband. I skyped with a friend after that.
    7. MWF Seeking BFF.
    8. Open. Flip flops!
    9. Ice pack (I get a lot of headaches).
    10. Outgoing
    11. Far! Well, a 4.5 hour drive. That is not far for many people!


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