Weekly Workout Round-up

So in an interest of keeping myself more accountable to my athletic goals, I’ve decided to share my workouts publicly at the end of each week.  I’m modeling this off of these two fine ladies:  Erin & Kim.  I hope to get more detailed as I get a better handle on sharing my workouts this way.  Since we’re two weeks into January, we’ll get the first two weeks off and going!

January 1-8:

Sunday 1/1: a hilly run out at Cricket Hill with Mike. This was practice for a cross-country race the following Sunday. 

Monday:  Spin Class @ GoCycle Studio.  45 minutes spin, 15 minutes strength work. All hardcore!

Tuesday: Cycled 20 minutes on my new bike on the trainer.  Tried to get the hang of cycling on a trainer, ended due to boredom and hunger – not a good combo!

Wednesday: Rest.  Normally I do yoga in the mornings, but decided I needed the extra hour of sleep more than the Om. 

Thursday: 30 minutes – personal training strength session.

Friday: 10 minute run.  To and from the pharmacy. Not really sure if I should count this, but it was the most I could handle that day as I was incredibly tired.

Saturday: 6 mile run with CES pacing group.  A bit slower than I would have liked, as everyone else in my group wasn’t felling their 100% that day, but I did a great job of staying strong and not going faster than the prescribed pace!

60 minutes of cycling on trainer.  On my new bike, and finally getting a handle on how to train (find a really interesting TV show and keep the remote very close!). I also put on a heart rate monitor for the 2nd time on the cycle and saw how my heart rate goes up and down with cycling intensity (duh). More learning is needed on this.

Sunday 1/8: 4K Cross Country race at Cricket Hill, near Montrose & the lakefront.  With the warm-up, about 34 minutes total running.  This was a race with VERY fast people.  I actually almost thought I was going to be last, but turned out not to be!

January 9-15:

Monday: Rest, and drink wine (the best kind of rest). Cycled to work and back.

Tuesday: 30 minutes personal training, and a bike maintenance class in the evening.  Cycling for commute.

Wednesday: 60 minutes Vinyasa Yoga.  I love starting my day that way.  Cycling to work, errands and home.

Thursday: Rest.  Snow. Missed Flight.

Friday: Early AM flight. Walking in airports. Dress fitting. Essentially – Rest.

Saturday:  Rest – no question about it.

Sunday:  12 miles run in Maryland.  It was cold, but not as cold as Chicago.  2:17. 


So in retrospect, my first week of the year was a pretty admirable effort (5-6 days of workouts), although this past week was slightly more busy in life and less on the workout front.  I’ll be working on planning – and keeping – my workouts this year, and keeping them pretty reasonable! 


6 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Round-up

  1. kilax

    Dress fitting! You tease! Tell us more!

    I am happy you figured out how to stay interested on the trainer! I tend to pop in a movie to watch too. It’s so nice to have that option now that we have snow!

    Go you running a XC race so early in the year!

    What kind of things are you going in your personal training sessions?

    Thanks for the link! 🙂

    1. Lauren Post author

      My personal training sessions are mostly strength-focused workouts. He pushes me on strength work (mostly weights) hard for a half hour. The only rest in between exercises is really just the time it takes for him to set up the next exercise/weight machine! The gym is in River North and is called Hard Pressed. I hear they’re doing a Guilt City deal soon if you’re interested!

      1. Lauren Post author

        Oops – it’s Gilt City. It’s basically a groupon knock-off. And yes – let’s plan for something together soon! It’s been too long since I’ve seen you!

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