Cycling Updates

With the freak warm weather we’ve been having, I’ve been working on a couple of my goals:

-Cycling to work – 4 times now! In my new hipster helmet & Chrome bag (both Christmas presenets).  Photos forthcoming.

-Getting involved with the local triathlon club.  I signed up, and went to the first in a three-part bicycle maintenance class.  This week I learned how to change a flat tire (which I sat through a lecture on last spring), and actually practiced myself!  It’s so empowering, especially for me since I had gotten a flat last summer, attempted to change it, and couldn’t do it by myself.  I had to skip a cycling workout that day for the triathlon I was training for, so this makes me think I’ll be that much more prepared this coming summer!

-Getting a new bike! I know, it seems like it’s every few months around here that a new set of wheels shows up.  But it stuck around with me last summer when during one of my duathlons TWO people had made comments that I could have done better with a better bike (I rode my mountain bike in all my events last summer).  So Mike & I spent some of our holiday time off scouring for bikes online & then a feverish afternoon going from bike store to bike store in Chicago.  And now I have a lovely Trek Lexa roadbike! (photo also forthcoming).  I’ve been on the trainer a few times, practicing indoors.  A much better way to catch up on old tv episodes, if I have to say myself!

-Not as much yoga or running. But I am working on practicing my Om, my calm, even when I’m not in


4 thoughts on “Cycling Updates

  1. Erin

    Fun! Looking forward to seeing the photos! I just googled the Trek Lexa and it looks like a really nice bike. Once the weather is nicer and I’m cleared for biking we should ride our road bikes together. And then you can teach me how to change a flat tire since I still don’t know how!

    1. Lauren Post author

      Thanks! We should plan a ride when it’s warmer! And we’ll see if I remember enough about changing tires- that’s the true show you know something, when you can teach!

      Thank you, Lauren

      Sent from Lauren’s iPhone

  2. kilax

    I think it is awesome you have been taking advantage of this warm weather! And a road bike?! Yay!

    I would love to learn how to change a flat!

    You are having a great start to the year. Go Lauren, go!


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