2012 Goals

Now that we’re upon the new year, it’s time to get some goals out on paper.  I don’t know if I completely subscribe to the “New Year’s Resolutions” piece, but I do have some ideas on how I want the coming year to go. Here’s what I’m going to work on: 

1. Get my Om on. I want to go to yoga at least twice a week, and incorporate yoga principles into my daily routine. I’m also throwing around the idea of doing a 30 day yoga challenge, although I don’t want to over-extend myself.   

2. Tri More. Complete 4 triathlons this year – 2 sprint, 2 olympic distance. I’d like to do some dedicated swim workouts & bike workouts before tri season really begins (which seems to be May/June). And I want that number to see progress being made in training & fitness. 

3. Join a club.  I’d also like to get involved with the local Chicago Tri Club.  First meeting of 2012 is on my calendar!

4. Get faster. I want to find a way to get some speedwork into my regular running routine, preferably with a group.

5. Resist the marathon until late 2012 or 2013. This seems like a funny goal, especially for the girl who ran 3 this year, and while I love the distance, I want to focus on my overall fitness & speed before diving back into the high volume distance training again.  November or December marathons, anyone?. When I train for the marathon, my goals are to go sub-5:00 and ideally sub-4:45.  (Dream:  BQ- not happening this year!)

6. Be an awesome relay team member.  I’d love to participate in the Ragnar Madison-to-Chicago relay (the two cities where I’ve spent my adult life), but if not that, then I want to get a group together for a triathlon or other type of relay.  I love cheering people on, and it’s so much more fun when they’re your teammates!

7. Learn how to change a flat tire. As I bike more, I don’t want to get caught with my pants down, so to speak.  It’s a helpful skill to have. 

8. Work on getting Michelle Obama’s arms. I’d really love to have some definition to my arms, particularly as I walk down the aisle at the end of April. Other strength sub-goals:  accomplish a four minute plank and complete 20 real push-ups in a row.

9. Complete a “Post Card Challenge.”  I will send a post card once a week to a friend or family member, in the effort of staying connected and reaching out to friends and family.  Since I live far away from my old friends & family, staying in touch is something I am always trying to do better. 

10. Participate in a bike-specific event. Some sort of cycling event. Not sure what yet. 

11. Get more in touch with my creative side. I often feel that I’m a very pragmatic, logical person, and would like to get more in tune with my right-brain. 

12. Cook some new dishes.  I’ve got to impress my hubby-to-be with my mad cooking skills!

13. When I do marathon training again: Put in several 30 mile weeks and one 35 mile week for runs. 30 miles was my stretch that I accomplished only twice this year (including marathon week). I’d like to add some volume to the training. 

14. Try Cross-Fit. I’ve heard good things about it, from making you stronger to also making you a faster runner.   

15. Replace the words “stressed” and “overwhelmed” with “excitingly busy” – And mean it! Note: this was a copy from a blogger I follow named Ali. Thanks Ali for the resolution copy!

16. Try out and understand heart rate zone training.  I hear it’s good for triathlon training. And I assume I should probably wear the HRM more than twice.

17. Be as good of a fiancee’ and wife that I can be. OK – not quite a measurable goal, but a behavior intention.


3 thoughts on “2012 Goals

  1. Erin

    Those are some great goals!! Looking forward to seeing you accomplish them.

    I tried Cross Fit last year and it will REALLY get in you in shape. But, beware, some of the “boxes” are kind of cult-ish.

    If you can’t find a speedwork group you like in the city, the Oak Park group is great. Our Coach is super sweet and almost everyone in our group this year hit some major PRs after a summer of speedwork. She’s also doing a winter session, too, that starts next Wednesday.

  2. kilax

    I love your list! Also on mine: arms like Michelle (well, I said Jillian) and no marathons until I lose weight and keep it off! So I don’t have any on the radar either.

    I think the postcard idea is really cool! Will they all be Chicago themed postcards?

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