Review of my 2011 Goals

Before publishing my 2012 goals, I want to review my goals from 2011 and see what I accomplished and which goals I didn’t.  You can read the original list of goals here from one year ago. 

In the personal realm, my goals were:

  • Pay off my student loans. – Check.
  • Save for 2 vacations (!) – Check.  We travelled to Amsterdam in October, and we’re well on our way for the honeymoon in 2012.
  • Organize a get-together of friends once every few months, ideally with one being aimed at the great friends I made in college.
  • Make my home a more homey place. I know this is vague, but I’m still trying to determine exactly what this means. I know some de-cluttering will be involved, but whether or not a living room remodel (or other room) is TBD…
  • Plan a trip to Central America for 2011, look at fall deals for a long weekend in Europe or BsAs. Plan for a trip in 2012 – long trip! Create a dream board.  We took a vacation to Amsterdam and Belgium this fall, but that was the main vacay.  I’d like to plan our Honeymoon & also another fall vacation for 2012. 

Of my athletic/healthy goals:

    • Successfully train for my marathon on 4/30.  – Completed. I started the Illinois Marathon slightly injured (ITB issues), but went on to rehab it and run in the Fox Valley Marathon in September without any IT Band problems.
    • Complete an Olympic distance triathlon, and 1-2 sprint distance triathlons – Still working on this. I completed the South Shore Tri in July, but dialed down my tri ambitions for 2011.  Watch for this in 2012!
    • Improve on my times in the 8K, 10K, half-marathon distances – I PR’ed at the 5K, 10K & Marathon distances.  For my 2012 PR goals, I’d like to better plan and train for them.
    • Make yoga a weekly if not more frequent habit.  Do a Yoga Challenge.  – off and on.  This will be a continuing goal in 2o12. 
    • Achieve a lower body fat percentage.  – Success! I dropped almost a full percent in average body fat over the course of 2011, without an overall concerted effort.  I will be focusing more in 2012 on eating healthy more consistently.

How did you do on your goals for 2011?  What’s your approach when you don’t meet them? 


One thought on “Review of my 2011 Goals

  1. Erin

    Looks like you did pretty well on your goals! I managed all of mine except for one. I guess everyone’s got to have a few over ambitious goals on their list!


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