Review of my 2011 Goals

Before publishing my 2012 goals, I want to review my goals from 2011 and see what I accomplished and which goals I didn’t.  You can read the original list of goals here from one year ago. 

In the personal realm, my goals were:

  • Pay off my student loans. – Check.
  • Save for 2 vacations (!) – Check.  We travelled to Amsterdam in October, and we’re well on our way for the honeymoon in 2012.
  • Organize a get-together of friends once every few months, ideally with one being aimed at the great friends I made in college.
  • Make my home a more homey place. I know this is vague, but I’m still trying to determine exactly what this means. I know some de-cluttering will be involved, but whether or not a living room remodel (or other room) is TBD…
  • Plan a trip to Central America for 2011, look at fall deals for a long weekend in Europe or BsAs. Plan for a trip in 2012 – long trip! Create a dream board.  We took a vacation to Amsterdam and Belgium this fall, but that was the main vacay.  I’d like to plan our Honeymoon & also another fall vacation for 2012. 

Of my athletic/healthy goals:

    • Successfully train for my marathon on 4/30.  – Completed. I started the Illinois Marathon slightly injured (ITB issues), but went on to rehab it and run in the Fox Valley Marathon in September without any IT Band problems.
    • Complete an Olympic distance triathlon, and 1-2 sprint distance triathlons – Still working on this. I completed the South Shore Tri in July, but dialed down my tri ambitions for 2011.  Watch for this in 2012!
    • Improve on my times in the 8K, 10K, half-marathon distances – I PR’ed at the 5K, 10K & Marathon distances.  For my 2012 PR goals, I’d like to better plan and train for them.
    • Make yoga a weekly if not more frequent habit.  Do a Yoga Challenge.  – off and on.  This will be a continuing goal in 2o12. 
    • Achieve a lower body fat percentage.  – Success! I dropped almost a full percent in average body fat over the course of 2011, without an overall concerted effort.  I will be focusing more in 2012 on eating healthy more consistently.

How did you do on your goals for 2011?  What’s your approach when you don’t meet them? 


1 thought on “Review of my 2011 Goals

  1. Erin

    Looks like you did pretty well on your goals! I managed all of mine except for one. I guess everyone’s got to have a few over ambitious goals on their list!


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