2011 in Review

Wow, twenty eleven is now over.  Lots of things happened last year:

A look back on a few things:

  • # of miles run: 685 miles
  • # of races run: 14
  • # of multisport events completed: 3

A look at my training in visual form – running log on the Daily Mile: 


You can tell that I clearly put in more miles in training for my spring marathon than in my fall marathons – and by quite a lot.  There are a few runs missing in here (e.g. my October Marathon), but this is pretty representative for the year. 

  • My fastest run of the year:  My 2nd 5K PR – the Bucktown 5K.
  • My most intense run of the year – an interval run during triathlon training – likely the only run I did with a heart rate monitor!
  • PR’s I accomplished:

Cycling by month: 


This one was much less exciting. I trained for my first duathlon in May, and then my first triathlon at the end of July, so that’s where those miles come in.  I’m looking to boost this a bit in the coming year.  Notable cycling activities:

  • 1 Spin Class – the fastest & farthest I went.
  • 15.5 mph – the fastest on the road that I’ve been – at the Tinley Park Duathlon.
  • Longest consecutive outdoor bike ride:  in April, a training before the Door Prairie Duathlon. 12.79 miles
  • 13.1 miles – bike rides to and from the UIC swimming facility – twice! (I got the time of the workout wrong and showed up 3 hours early)


What’s up for 2012 for Lauren?  Make some predictions! Smile


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