Back from Sabbatical!

Well, that sounds better than “I’ve been too busy this December to blog,” doesn’t it?

December has been CRA-A-ZY! Not only among the holidays, but work as well.  I put in some extensive work weeks, and anything I could do to stay sane was done.  Wedding planning? The bare minimum.  I actually have to email my planner back from a few weeks ago.  (Mike does a good job covering in my place!)

So running this month has been mostly running for life, and I want to make sure I keep a list of my elements of my “lifestyle” training plan. 

What I did:

  • Scheduled some workouts (strength training, yoga)
  • Made some social activities non-negotiable (happy b-day rich, wine w/ friends)
  • Worked my butt off
  • Did holiday preparations very early on, and again at the last minute

What I wish I’d incorporated:

  • A better balance on work hours (this was hard for me as I’m just starting out supervising some team-members at work. Trying to balance availability with also completing my priority work, some of which had to occur on the weekends)
  • Planning something personal each day for me – and sticking to it. Some days I just wanted to try and get all my work done.
  • Running outside more – or running at all.  But I did keep up my strength workouts, and physical therapy appointments. 

So January my focus is going to be a bit more on effective balance.  I’m reviewing my time management processes & making sure I get enough time to plan out what is truly most important, rather than just focusing on putting out fires at work.

I missed you, blog world, and I want to incorporate more short / wordless posts that will help me to share my perspective even when time is short! 


2 thoughts on “Back from Sabbatical!

  1. kilax

    I hope you do find more balance in the new year… and starting now! We’ve missed you!

    The idea of supervising at work makes me so nervous… I feel like I am SO not a leader. But I am being thrown in to some leadership roles recently. Any tips for me?

    1. Lauren Post author

      Happy new year! Unfortunately I don’t feel like I have major tips for you. I’m leading a team that doesn’t directly report to me, so one thing that I’ve learned is to team up with their supervisor in order to present major changes. And for me to work more on being attune to other people’s feelings.


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