Post Marathon Activities

I’ve been back from vacation (i.e. the Amsterdam Marathon) for almost 3 weeks now, and I feel like I’m still getting the hang of things.  Here’s a random sampling of things that have been going on.

  • Work has been chaotic. Not in a concerned for job security way, but the projects we’ve been working on have been getting switched up each week.  I need to work on accepting that change will happen, and how I react to it. 

  • I lost my Garmin somehow on vacation.  I swear it was packed in my bag on the flight home, but I haven’t seen it since packing it up in Amsterdam.  I’ve been piecing together my own from Craig’s List & Ebay.  Works beautifully, and cost $30 less than the one I bought on sale last winter. Same 305 model.
  • Yoga & Biking have gotten hard.  I’ve had this weird thing in my back, and it’s exacerbated by biking to work, or doing yoga positions with weight on my hands. So those are on hold.  BOO. 
  • I’ve also been working on eating healthier.  This can be done without putting my back into weird positions.  YAY!
  • Last weekend, M & I went to ogle the very expensive Dutch bikes at one of the few stores in the city that sell them.  Definitely not something we can buy now or soon, but was fun to ride them around again.  They are excellent for commuting. 
  • Daylight Savings Time – it’s screwed up my workout schedule.  And I hate waking up to rain. 
  • CES Pacing!  I started with the CES Winter Warriors half marathon training program last winter and made some great friends through it.  It’s a good program to get started with training for your first half marathon, or to keep running throughout the winter, and this year I’m working to pace one of the groups on their long runs.  And I get to participate in the program for free by doing this! Yay!

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who ran a race this past weekend!  I love hearing about your experiences, whether it’s a 5K or 42K Marathon! 


3 thoughts on “Post Marathon Activities

  1. kilax

    Bummer about the garmin but happy you were able to get a new one for less! 🙂 I am surprised the old one did not show up the same day the new one arrived. That is what would happen to me.

    What is going on with your back? Is this a recurring thing?

    The CES thing sounds fun! I am excited to hear about it this year!

  2. Monica

    You are amazing, my dear. Happy almost birthday! I love reading about your runs!! Did I tell you that I also started a blog, with photos, mostly travel-related so far, but the theme is just photos of nice things. 🙂


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