Thinking of you, Meme!

(Don’t worry – I know I owe you some Amsterdam race recaps! This week getting back to life & work has been crazy!)

This month (much more than all other times of the year), I’ve been thinking about someone important to me, my grandmother Meme! She’s been battling breast cancer, and with all of the Breast Cancer awareness campaigns this month, I’ve been thinking about her and what she’s gone through over the past year. 

Today at Caribou Coffee, I found out that you can donate free gourmet coffee to the University of Chicago Cancer Center in addition to the general donations they’re making to Susan G Komen Foundation.





Who are you thinking of this month?  My heart, thoughts & prayers go out to everyone!


4 thoughts on “Thinking of you, Meme!

  1. runcourtneyrun

    I’m actually thinking of my Aunt. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and she had a double mastectomy this week.

    1. Lauren Post author

      Thank you! My grandmother is doing much better now. She had a mastectomy in February, and has been undergoing chemo this year. Things now seem to be stable.


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