Vacation!! And an upcoming half marathon

So excited!  This week has been about wrapping things up at work and getting ready for our annual vacation!  I love that Mike & I have made it a priority to travel somewhere fun each year. Right before I settled down in Chicago, Mike met me in the Dominican Republic (I was finishing up managing a volunteer program down there).  First year of living together, we went to Greece.  Last year we travelled to Vietnam.  This year we’re headed to Holland & Belgium!

Not only am I excited for this vacation and relaxing, but I’m also looking forward to the Amsterdam Marathon – we’ll be running the half!  (I considered running the full, but didn’t want to be sick on vacation like after an earlier marathon this year). 

So we’ll arrive in Amsterdam on Friday and then Sunday is the big event! I’m excited to see what it’s like to run in kilometers! 

We’ll see if I can post a quick update from Europe following the event… maybe in between beers & cheese Smile

I’ll miss everyone in blog-land! 


3 thoughts on “Vacation!! And an upcoming half marathon

  1. kilax

    Lauren, I think that is so awesome you guys travel so much. I love to travel too and miss it (no $$$!). We are hoping to save for a trip for our 5 year anniversary in the fall next year.

    Anyway, have a wonderful HM and I cannot wait to hear all about the trip. I also think you should blog about your past trips. Ha ha 🙂


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