What are my real goals?

As I approach the marathon, I keep thinking toward “What’s next?” This summer I got stressed out by too many competing priorities, and I don’t want to get that way over the next six months.

  • Get a wonderful wedding booty (and Michelle Obama arms!) –> Strength Train, Sculpt
  • Not get slower at running
  • Be better ready for a triathlon next spring
    • Bike Skills, Comfort, Experience
    • Swim Experience & Fitness

What I’m thinking:

  • October: Focus on Yoga, Amsterdam 1/2 Marathon, Bucktown 5K
  • November: Maybe the perfect 10 race? Turkey Trot?  Begin pacing for CES Winter Warriors (hopefully).  Continue Yoga, try Pilates, get into Spinning.
  • December: Keep things up:  Spinning, Yoga. CES Pacing & 1 speed workout per week. 
  • January: CES Winter Warriors, Yoga, Spinning, SWIM (Masters Swim Team – annual dues are by calendar year)
  • February:  Strength Training, Yoga, Spin, Swim – Cycling class?
  • March:  Strength Training, Yoga, Spin, Swim
  • April: WEDDING!  Yoga, Yoga, Yoga.  Swim, Spin
  • May: back in the game – triathlons here I come! 

Cycling Goals: Nov-Jan: Time on Bike (or spin saddle); Feb-Apr: maybe find an indoor cycling class to focus on bike-specific strength & skills?

Swimming Goals: Jan-April:  De-stress, build up a decent fitness level in swimming & improve technique.

Running Goals:  Get faster!  Specific run goals:

  • Work on doing tempo runs (for me, just under 10 min/mi).  Work on a 20 min tempo, and increase the time! 
  • Find a way to get track work incorporated into my running schedule. Does anyone know anyone who’s done the Fleet Feet Racing Team?  That may be something for me to try out next spring/summer.  Or otherwise getting involved with the Chicago Tri Club…

Om Goals:  De-Stress.  Get Stronger. Get more flexible.  Or more specifically:  go to Yoga more frequently.  Goal: twice a week.  Maybe in Nov/Dec/Jan to do a yoga challenge (20 times in 30 days??)??


4 thoughts on “What are my real goals?

  1. Erin

    I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer about Fleet Feet but that team is INTENSE. As in, my track coach who runs sub-19 minute 5Ks essentially got kicked off. I don’t know how friendly they are to beginners but the people I see in the Fleet Feet racing team shirts at races are hardcore, super fast runners. Maybe it’s not all like that but don’t be surprised if it is.

    If you want to come out to Oak Park/River Forest our track group is totally awesome 🙂 We do track from May through October.

    Your plans sound solid, especially since you have a big life event (aka wedding) coming up!

    1. Lauren Post author

      Thanks for the feedback! I don’t actually know anyone who’s done that team, but it’s something that’s pretty widely advertised at their weekly fun runs, so I’m a bit surprised that it’s more intense than I was expecting… and I’m 10+ minutes off from that sub-19 5K 🙂

      Maybe I will make it out sometime next summer for your track team…

    1. Lauren Post author

      I know! I am trying to make it not as large scale (e.g. train for a marathon) but more manageable. Really, not go crazy (that’s the “om”) and strength training are the main focuses.

      Yeah, I’d like to hear more about the racing team when it starts up, which is I think around February/March/April.


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