Grayslake Just Book It 5K Race Recap

This morning I got up super-early and wasn’t actually loving the idea that I was going to run a race that morning.  Snooze button 2x or 3x, and then somehow I was in the car, driving out to Grayslake for the Just Book It 5K! The race was organized by the local running club, and benefits the library.

I made it out to the GL library with just enough time to meet up with Kim, Erin, Bobbi, take a picture, and then grab my packet. Bathroom (real bathroom – inside the library. Thanks lib!) break and then we headed over to watch the kid’s dash.  So cute – and it was nice that it was before the race so everyone could cheer on the next generation of runners! 

(thank you Kim for these photos!)

Then it somehow became time for our race, and we found Marcia at the start! She was very fashionable in her bright running top & skirt. 

Oops – we missed a warm-up!  I was hoping to beat my PR from the Bucktown 5k last fall (30:04) so I lined up with Kim & Bobbi.  Bobbi was also looking to break a half hour, and Kim was planning to pace her.  We started out great!  The first mile was a lot of fun and felt very easy.  First mile:  9:08

As we entered into the second mile things began to be a bit harder.  I still pushed myself, but about halfway through I began to lag behind from Kim & Bobbi.  I worked on keeping them in my sight, but also keeping a more consistent pace.  I completed the second mile in 9:22.


Don’t I look like I’m having a great time in that photo?  This reminds me why I wear sunglasses at many races… Smile 

On the third mile I was starting to hurt more – cramp in side that kept bugging me.  I took a quick walk break to stretch my right side out, and then started up again.  I was going strong and keeping steady. I wasn’t looking at my watch and hadn’t really expected that I’d be finishing faster than last fall. We rounded the final corner (a wide turn on grass) and then headed toward the final water stop (at 2.9 mi) – a little odd maybe?  I asked if there was water at the finish (yes) so I sped on through and didn’t slow down at that water stop. 

At this point we could see the finish line and I tried to go as fast as I could.  As I began to approach the finish, I heard someone cheering for me, and then saw Erin!  She also began running me in from the side.  I swear I have not pumped my arms that hard or had as fast turnover as I did for those final 100 meters. 

I finished the whole race w/ just a few seconds to spare, but made my PR!  Finish time was 29:48!  I was so happy to have finished and succeeded in meeting my goal!

Post-race, we chilled and chatted more, and stuck around for the award’s ceremony to watch Marcia accept her age group award!  It was a great morning and a great change from my long distance endurance events! 

Lessons Learned:

  • It’s fun to meet other bloggers – you already know each other even if you’ve never met before!
  • Small races can be good too! This race reminded me of many events I did in Wisconsin, and I kind of miss the smaller, more community feel. 
  • I still have more work to do on speedwork!  My 3rd mile was a full minute slower than my first mile.  I’d like to improve that last mile.  And I’d like to practice that final kick — Erin really kicked me in the butt to get in under 30!
  • May need to wear sunglasses or a hat even when it’s not sunny out.  Hide my “race face!”
  • Oranges, Flavor-Ice & Jelly Bellies are soooo delicious after a race. 

4 thoughts on “Grayslake Just Book It 5K Race Recap

  1. Erin

    I’m so happy you got a PR!! Having a “2” at the start of a 5K time is a big accomplishment.

    Also, it was great to meet you!

  2. kilax

    Thanks so much for coming out! It really meant a lot to me! Congrats on your awesome PR! And I am sorry I did not stick with you 😦

    Aren’t small races great? Big races have appeal too, but I love doing the small ones. I think my 5K on Sat will be teeny tiny!

    I love that pic of you! You look great!


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