South Shore Triathlon Race Recap

Well, first triathlon completed and under my belt! I did the South Shore Triathlon yesterday down at 63rd Street Beach.


  • Excited for my first triathlon!  This was an excellent pick as the race wasn’t too large, but did have great race support from Ram Racing.
  • Weather was great! We had clear, sunny weather and it wasn’t too hot throughout. Much better than had this race been last weekend.
  • Man, this was early!  Race started at 7, but with transition, we aimed to arrive no later than 5:30. Which means I woke up at 4 AM!  Weekend what? (Although I did make up for it with an almost 6 hour nap later in the day. My sleep schedule is all screwed up now).
  • Getting there early meant we got decent parking in the nearby lot – only $3.25 for the day.  We also carpooled with Sam, a CES-er for whom this was also her first tri.  She did great!

The Swim:

  • My swim was respectable.  I didn’t think I did as well as I did!
  • The water was really shallow! Throughout the swim course we’d get up and run to deeper water. It was funny for everyone to start swimming but then get up and run about 20 seconds later when the water got too shallow.
  • In hindsight the water was warm enough (and with the running), I wouldn’t have worn the wetsuit if I had to do it over. That would have shortened my T1 time – many others didn’t wear a But also had to get in a first race for my wetsuit!

The Bike:

  • The Good:  While on the bike, I did take fluids while riding!  That’s a major accomplishment for me!
  • The Not-So-Good:  I’m just not as comfortable as I’d like.  I have a fear of falling, which while under control in normal circumstances, increases exponentially if any of the following occur:
    • Attempting a turn – there were two 180-degree turns on the course.  I had to stop at each point to redirect my bike.
    • Taking my hands off the handle bars (adjust sunglasses, take a drink)
  • Additionally on bike I was riding more than half the course in a lower gear than I’d like.  I had set it for starting on the bike, but forgot to crank it up as I got comfortable riding.  Lost time & energy there, and why I think my time was much slower than my previous rides.
  • Once I set my bike into the proper gears, I was cruising along!

The Run:

  • It was somewhat warm this morning, so I didn’t want to push too hard too early.  I took it easy out and was focused more on having a good time.  You are tired by the time you get to the run!
  • I had to switch my shoes on the transition, but I did pack up my other run stuff into a little pouch.  I put my race belt & bib, Garmin, into my run hat and rubber banded it all together. After getting rid of all my bike stuff, all I had to do was slip on my running shoes & grab this little packet! I then pulled stuff off & put on while I was running.
  • I was passing quite a few people throughout, although I did have to pick out and push myself to pass them.
  • My run time is only a minute off of my PR. Not too shabby! And I didn’t push myself too hard throughout.

Tips for Next Time:

  • Maybe I don’t need a wetsuit? That will save some time on the transition!
  • Pack less! Things I packed but didn’t need:
    • a full towel to help wash sand off my feet.  Luckily now I have a small hand towel to help.
    • wetsuit if not needed
  • Review the course in advance and make a list of any techniques I need to practice. For example, 180-degree turns on the bike.
  • More practice on the bike – longer distance rides.  Basically all I’ve been doing recently has been commuting.
  • Figure out what to do about my socks.  My socks were wet all the way from the bike to the run. I didn’t realize it until I took my socks off, but I got two blisters from damp socks.  And am now airing out 2 pairs of shoes & sockliners.

Times (and age group rankings):

  • Swim: 14:19 (45/77)
  • T1: 3:38 (65/77)
  • Bike: 49:28 (70/77)
  • T2: 2:43 (70/77)
  • Run: 31:19 (57/77)
  • Total: 1:41:26 (66/77)

6 thoughts on “South Shore Triathlon Race Recap

    1. Lauren Post author

      Thanks! I’m pretty excited about them too! With all of the things going on in my life, I wanted to make sure it was a day I enjoyed — and regardless was going to be a PR! I’ll do this again I think 🙂

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