Fleet Feet Women’s 10K Race Recap

On July 17 I ran in the Fleet Feet Women’s Festival 10K.  For a race that’s in the heat of July, I had as always a great time!  I’d been out of town the week before, had a crazy month at work, and had minimal opportunities for concentrating on training for speed. 

I had tried training for heat, in Phoenix and attempts here in Chicago.

Race Day:

I biked up to Montrose Beach since I’m a hard-core cyclist in triathlon training now. About 6 miles, which is a comfortable warm-up and I gave myself the time to get there. Also no worrying about parking.

I met up with my running bud Lilian.  After some hugs (we hadn’t seen each other in 2 months!) we headed over to the Accelerated Rehab tent for some pre-race stretching.  Man, I love someone else stretching you out.  If I could have this every day, that would be great.  (and I write this as I’m headed out to a massage tonight…must do more often!) Accelerated Rehab did a great job stretching and loosening my IT Band, making me that much more ready to push it during the race. 

womens 10k 2011

I was also trying to meet up with my friend Ali.  Ali’s been getting into running more and more (5K last year, 10K this year.. when will she do a half?!!) and I was excited to see her at this race as we haven’t hung out enough this summer.  She had been in the bathroom line, I had to go to the bathroom & got in line too. But not in her line.

Finally I saw her and tried yelling out to her, “Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” but she didn’t hear. There were so many women at this race! It’s one of the things I love about it, because it’s all about the girl power.  Talking with women for whom this is their first 5K race, or who’ve been running this for 5+ years.  The bathroom line is a great place to make new friends.

Port-a-potty time and the race start happened while I was inside!  Thank goodness for chip timing.  I scooted off (thankful I made it to the bathroom) and began speeding along.  I did my first mile in 9:43, not too far off from my PR’s average pace at the Home Team Charity Run earlier this year.  I met up with Ali en route – amazed in the first place that I found her from behind! We chatted and had a great time.  I like to think that I was helping to pace her, although we didn’t really talk about it.  It was hot out, so I also appreciated slowing a bit and taking this as more of an enjoyable experience than a “push-it” race. 

Close to mile 5 I decided to pick it up a bit on the pace.  Knowing that I was almost done, I just gunned it as best I could.  It was HOT out and I recalled that this event has some nice post-race amenities.  Run, run, run and I was passing people who were slowing down.  There was one girl who was practically hyperventilating (I actually slowed to make sure she was OK) while she was running.  I was pretty much fine and pushed as hard I could.  Once you’ve been going slower, it seems like it’s hard to pick up the pace again.  My pace only really increased by 40 sec per mile. 

womens 10k 2011_2

I finished in 1:06.  Right after the finish line they had these cooling misting trucks.  Sooo amazing.  Ali was about a minute behind me, and once we re-united we grabbed some water, bananas and also popsicles!  We needed them, as it was sweltering out.

My time was a minute faster than the same 10K race last summer, which I’m happy about.  About a minute per mile slower than my 10K PR this spring, but I did run in the July heat as well as under less than ideal training.  I also felt great at this race, and loved cheering for other women as they went on to finish.  Post race we also stocked up on freebies at the Luna bars tent, check out some cooling wraps at the Moji tent, and chatted up the coaches at the Chicago Endurance Sports tent. 

All in all, this was a great race!  I had a great time, and can’t wait to run it again next summer! 


3 thoughts on “Fleet Feet Women’s 10K Race Recap

  1. Marcia

    Nice job! I’ve done that race several times but didn’t this year cuz parking is such a pain. It is a great one though although it’s been quite hot the last few years.

    1. Lauren Post author

      Thanks! The heat does make it hard. I have to remind myself that my times at this race or other mid-summer races are not comparable to my times at spring or fall events.
      I think the thing that keeps having me do this race (other than a sweet shirt) is that I love all the girl-power going on! When I did the Disney Princess, it was a kind of goofy fun mood overall. This is something that everyone’s a bit hardcore about in their own personal way.

  2. kilax

    That really sounds like a great race! And WTG on taking a minute off of last year’s time!!!

    When you mentioned someone else stretching you it reminds me of that scene in Spirit of Chicago when Kastor’s husband is stretching her out after a run. I WISH!


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