Summertime Fun & Run

So clearly I’ve been working a lot this summer, and been under some stress from work and my own personal pressures.  One of the beauties of blogging though is that I have the opportunity to reflect and share with you other thoughts.  So I wanted to share some of the most fun experiences from this summer:

  1. My Second Duathlon
  2. Madison Hash’s Red Dress Run & Fireworks
  3. Fourth of July Barbeque with Hashers at Foster Beach
  4. Tour de Fat, including trying out a new food truck! Mike & I  headed out to meet hashers at this cyclist’s festival. Some good Fat Tire beer, vaudeville shows, hipster music, and then we sampled some pies from the newest food truck in Chicago – PIES!  Beer pie & a shaker lemon pie.
  5. Fleet Feet Women’s 10K where I saw Ali & Lilian!
  6. Brunch at Pilsen tradition, Nuevo Leon with Lilian! Nothing like mexican food w/ a real Mexican chica!  Also awesome to catch up with my marathon training buddy – she also ran the Illinois Marathon
  7. Biking to dinner with Mike.  We tried out a “new” restaurant on Webster and it’s currently BYOB.  Yay for an abundant salad, garlicky mussels & some Tjoe’s Vinho Verde!

Today I got back on the endurance training wagon with a 10 mile run that almost didn’t happen!  I went to bed early last night, and set my alarm early.  Mike came home after going out last night, and somehow convinced my sleepy self to move the alarm back an hour or two.  So I woke up around 7 AM, got ready & checked the weather. A major storm was about to hit! So I waited out the storm by watching some TV, and somehow fell asleep… until Mike woke me up!  Finish getting ready for running (I was already in my clothes) and head out the door.

I had told Mike I planned on ~10 miles and try a run-walk program (9 min run, 1 min walk).  I loved it!  I made it to the Fullerton lakefront around the same time I normally do, but didn’t feel like a drenched kitten this time, despite the fact I was running @ 11 AM! I continued running, and adjusted my plans to run 13 miles.  It was lovely running along the lakefront, and I really liked the beeps to remind me to sip water & take a shot block.  At each walk interval I’d walk, sip my water, and every other interval I’d take a shot block.  At one point I actually felt so good I might be able to run 16, and decided I’d turn around for 13 so that I could run the last three close to home.  Good thing I didn’t extend the run further.

On the way back, I took a slightly longer break to go to the bathroom, and then started up to run again.  A mile later, I was back at Fullerton (3 miles from home, mind you) and needed another break!  I refilled my handheld water bottle, stretched a little, and tried again. Fail. I sat down and enjoyed the lakefront viewing for maybe 5-10 minutes, to let myself rest a little.  During this time I convinced myself I’d be able to run-walk the mile-to-mile & a half down to the North Avenue McDonalds, where I’d treat myself to some fries.  So I started along that way, and I couldn’t run for more than a minute or two at a time. Sad smile 

It was a long walk along the beach to get to North Avenue.  I decided I didn’t want fries, and just got myself some protein drink & snacks at Walgreens & cabbed it home. 

13 miles was a fail, but I did complete my initial goal of 10 miles.  And that’s 2 more miles of a long run than anything else I’ve done in July.  So I’d consider that a success! 

Post run, there was more snacking, an ice bath, foam rolling, and a walk through Wicker Park Fest to explore and get some fro-yo!


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