Change Management–Disrupted Expectations

I’ve slowly come to realize you can’t do it all.  (And ma, it only took 27 years to figure this out!) I’ve been having a lot going on lately:  lots of work & work travel (and planning a conference – next week!), getting engaged, triathlon training, marathon training, trying to see friends & family… and the summer is flying by me!  We’re now upon the end of july…

Sorry if I’ve been a bit absent in the blog-o-sphere.  I’m trying to do everything else in the world. 

This week has been really hard.  It was supposed to be an easy week at work, and I would catch up on my training & also on wedding planning.  But instead I’ve been feeling tired, working more than expected, and just trying to stay sane. 

I’ve even been considering not signing up for any new races (i.e. an August triathlon) because I’m definitely not able to give training what it deserves.  Heck, I’m barely getting three runs in each week.  My goals of going to the pool to swim flew out the door.  My checklist of training sessions hasn’t been looked at too much. 

I saw this post on not comparing yourself to others on the Positivity blog this morning and this is resonating with me.  I want to feel more in control of my life – that I have the time & energy to do what I want and not what is dictated by some events I paid for several months earlier. 

What am I going to do:

  • Not sign up for a 2nd triathlon until I at least finish my first (South Shore Tri on July 30).  After that I’ll decide whether I want to do a 2nd one this summer, or just focus on my running.
  • Really cut my marathon training expectations to a bare minimum.  I certainly haven’t done long runs every weekend this summer, so rather than beat myself up each week, I’m going to set goals for a long run every other week or so.  And try to sprinkle in a few speed sessions. 
  • Actually schedule some pampering / de-stress time.  I keep saying I’m going to do this, but haven’t. 
  • Take a chill pill.  Or more accurately, resume the vitamins regimen I was following the last year and recently ran out.  I wonder if some of this is vitamins/etc getting out of balance and my not replenishing appropriately enough (oh, swedish fish don’t provide omega-3s???? wtf?)
  • Get a smoothie. Or a glass of wine.  summer wine!!!!

4 thoughts on “Change Management–Disrupted Expectations

  1. Amy

    Balancing all the expectations I put on myself is the hardest part of life, I think. I like your anti-goal goal list! Sounds sensible! 🙂

    I am also doing a tri on 7/30! Yay for long-distance tri buddies!

  2. kilax

    I hope your week is getting better! You are always so busy with traveling for work, but it sounds like your summers are even busier! I had to cut back on races as well too, and try to get some chill time in. It’s harder than you think!

    1. Lauren Post author

      Thanks! You certainly sound busy as well! It’s a balance… managing what you need in real life with what you’d had expectations for on paper.


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