Fourth of July Bike Ride!

This weekend was a busy one!

Saturday:  Attempted a long run of 12 miles.  Woke up too late at 6:30 AM and it was 82* by 7 AM.  Run was cut down to 7 miles in the attempt to stay alive and well enough for…  a drive to Madison WI & the Hash House Harriers Annual Red Dress Run!  (Yes, we ran around the north side of Madison in red dresses! Never mind the 1/4 million people who attend the fireworks there!) 4.61 miles run there on my Garmin (plus more walked) = close enough to 12 miles for me. 

Sunday: recovering from the heat wave with some lovely brunch @ Madison’s Daisy Café and then perusing the beer aisle @ Woodmans before our drive back to Chicago.  Then some puppy-sitting for our neighbors who were getting married!


1. Bike ride with Courtney


We are both training for the Chicago Triathlon at the end of August and decided to meet up for a training bike ride!  We biked for 75 minutes out in her neck of the woods, Oak Forest/Tinley Park IL.  It’s just over 1/2 hour from Chicago and was gorgeous!


Lovely shady trails that wound around the town.  We even saw a horse!  It was great to chat with her and hear more about Courtney’s Team in Training experience.  Afterward we chatted for a while longer & took some photos!



I love that Soldier Field shirt! Good thing I didn’t wear it myself (little did she know it was sitting in the back seat of my car, in case I needed to change into something!)   That’s also the race where I met Courtney in person for the first time! 


I enjoy my bike, although I’m recognizing how much work I’m doing on a mountain bike in comparison to a road bike. Although a new bike is not in the cards right now, I am constantly reminded that I should get a road bike (Mike even suggested it for the wedding registry! I think we’ll go for some new towels & maybe a stand mixer before we go for a pimped out road bike or tri bike, how ‘bout? Smile ) I guess for now my efforts go toward getting more comfortable & also developing more power & fitness on the bike. 

I had a great time biking with Courtney and hope we can meet up again for a training ride or run sometime again this summer! 

Later on the 4th M & I headed out to the lakefront for my first lakefront BBQ!  Up near Foster Beach (but on the grass) it was a great afternoon for grillin’, eating, beer, and sunning.  Nothing like some good Hash friends on a summer’s day! 

I hope everyone had a great fourth of July! 


4 thoughts on “Fourth of July Bike Ride!

  1. Erin

    Oh man, I hear you about Saturday morning! I started my run at 6:50 and it was already too hot. Blech.

    And I think I drove past those trails near Tinley Park on the way to the duathlon. I want to check them out. How far did you guys end up going in that 75 minutes?

    1. Lauren Post author

      We took it pretty easy and did about 13 miles (?) in 75 minutes, including some stops @ lights. Overall I think there’s about 20 mi of trail there though, and much less crowded than the lakefront!

  2. gazellesoncrack

    Totally put bikes on the registry. Towels are cheap & easy to buy. Bikes are waaaaay better. Well, bikes and a KitchenAid stand mixer. 🙂

    Sounds like a fun (but hot!) weekend!

  3. kilax

    What a fun fourth! I hear you on the mountain bike. That is what I have to. I think I might get better tires for it, but I can’t afford a road bike (and honestly don’t bike enough to warrant getting one!).


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