2011 Goals Check-in

I can’t believe we’re half-way through 2011!  Where has the time gone?  I know I’ve spent too much time working and not enough time on friends, family, and my athletic & health goals. 

Here’s a recap of where I am now!  

  • Pay off my student loans.  Done!!!
  • Save for 2 vacations (!) Vacation scheduled for October, with a likely december vegas trip & April/May Honeymoon! Money is being saved, and Oct vacation airfare & hotel already covered.
  • Successfully train for my marathon on 4/30.  Mostly check.  I did encounter some ITB soreness, and have treated with PT exercises & improved stretching, strength & cross-training.
  • Complete an Olympic distance triathlon, and 1-2 sprint distance triathlons. I’ll do at least two triatlons this summer. I’m not sure about #3, and also not sure if I’m ready to take on an Olympic distance this year.  I am still deciding for the Chicago tri…
  • Improve on my times in the 8K, 10K, half-marathon distances.  I PR’ed in the 10K distance at the Home Team Charity Run in April.  My 8K so far was the day after a 20-miler. I expect that my half marathon distances late summer & fall will improve. 
  • Organize a get-together of friends once every few months, ideally with one being aimed at the great friends I made in college. #Fail so far. 
  • Make yoga a weekly if not more frequent habit.  I was doing OK in January, and a little while in April.  Have to get back into this.  Starting on Sunday. 
  • Achieve a lower body fat percentage.  I have made a modest improvement on this, but only a 0.2% improvement in six months.  I have begun major weights/strength training that I hope will contribute. 
  • Make my home a more homey place.  Work is being done, but not a noticeable change yet. 
  • Plan a trip to Central America for 2011, look at fall deals for a long weekend in Europe or BsAs. Amsterdam in October, here we come!!
  • Plan for a trip in 2012 – long trip!  Must figure out a honeymoon location. 

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