Tour de San Francisco

This weekend has been busy busy!   Saturday I woke up at 5:30 to get to my triathlon swim clinic.  Biking there and back got me to practice a brick.  Then it was getting ready for my trip to San Francisco!  I’ll be working there Mon-Wed, and wanted to get some fun time in too so I left on Saturday afternoon.

Once I was at the airport, it was delayed by an hour and a half.  After a snack, wandering around, and then reading a magazine, I was finally all-too ready to take a nap! I had planned on napping through the flight, but the air gods wouldn’t have it.  So I napped on the floor of the airport.  Find a spot to stretch out, and set an alarm.  Don’t judge me. 

When I finally got into San Francisco and settled into the hotel, the next order of business was preparing for my long run on Sunday.  Get some food (pizza) into my stomach, get my gear ready for the morning, and review the route I’d planned earlier.  Then to bed! 

I let myself sleep in, woke up and chatted with M about his race!  He was still a bit loopy from not having slept much over two days, but it was so cool to hear about this event.  Then I was off for my run!

Or so I thought.  It probably took 20 min to have my Garmin lock onto the satellites.  Maybe because of the sudden travel?  I hadn’t expected this, or I’d have worn it out for my dinner walk last night.

Finally I left, and headed down toward Union Square.  Here’s a summary of where I ran:

  1. Union Square
  2. Mission Street
  3. Embarcadero!! So cool to see the Bay Bridge in early morning. And all of the piers.
  4. More embarcadero
  5. Fisherman’s Wharf
  6. Ghiradelli Square
                          1. (Courtesy of: Run, Courtney, Run!

  7. Fort Mason – first real hill I encountered.  We’re at about 4 miles here. 
  8. As I was leaving Fort Mason, I got a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge!
  9. I tried to run in the Presidio, but I got a little lost.  There was road construction going on which we’ll say threw me off.  I know I saw:  Palace of Fine Arts, Walt Disney Museum, San Francisco Cemetery.  Then I was on a “Park Trail”.  I picked up some Powerade at the Presidio Golf Course, and got instructions on how to leave this park.  I was in the Presidio for about 4 miles. 
  10. 14th Street to Golden Gate Park
  11. Golden Gate Park. How far does this go?  I made a wrong turn!  When I left, we were already at 13 miles.
  12. Fell Street, Hayes Street – how far does this go?  How high is that hill?  When will I get back to my hotel?  Where is that hotel?
  13. FINALLY I saw the street I was looking for for my hotel.  Zip up Market Street, and then zip up the hill right to the hotel. 

Overall, I was impressed by this run.  First, by everything I saw and that I was relatively relaxed and soaking in the sights throughout my run.  Second, that I was able to maintain a decent pace running for much longer than I had planned.  Yes, I took some untimed walk breaks, but in my opinion it was important especially when I wasn’t sure where I was going and I had already run 13.1 miles. 

Recovery post 15 miles included some favorites:

  • Chocolate milk
  • Bagel sandwich
  • new Lululemon gear! (notably, all was on sale)

7 thoughts on “Tour de San Francisco

    1. Lauren Post author

      I love San Francisco! It’s an amazing city, and I definitely appreciate the moderate weather… especially when there’s a long run! I would love to do the Nike Women’s half or full one day, but hasn’t worked out with either entering the lottery or scheduling.

  1. Lil :)

    I love SF!! Sounds like you had an amazing run! When i go, i run fort mason across the bridge and back. Weather always seems to comply 😀

    1. Lauren Post author

      Thanks! I’m glad I got that run in. Since then I haven’t been able to make it out on a run before or after work. Well, after-work has other things going on 🙂

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