Three Things Thursday

1. Yesterday was my first personal training session! I bought a YouSwoop for four 30-min weight training sessions for $40. It kicked my butt. My arms & legs were quivering during and after. I can’t wait to go back on Friday.

2. Yesterday it hit 100 degrees here in Chicago! You gotta be careful out there: stay hydrated, run easy. I tried a shake-out run (and my first run for the week) last night (a few hours post-weights, not immediately) and I couldn’t keep the tempo pace I had hoped for more than 1/2 mile at a time.

3. This weekend is the MC200 Ragnar Relay. M is participating on a team and will be running 18 miles broken out over 4 runs in a 36 hour period. It sounds so fun and I’d love to do it next year. This year? I’m off to San Francisco on Saturday, so I’ll miss seeing the Hash team finish at Montrose Beach!


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