More about Planks & I’m Still Alive

It’s 90 degrees outside today and I’m not totally feeling a run. 

So it’s time for some more planks!  Why did I choose to do this challenge:

  • Planks: a gem that someone told me I should do every other day to become a stronger runner.
  • My favorite yoga classes have had an abs portion at the end.

Training Updates:

Yesterday I got my Triathlon training program loaded from Chicago Endurance Sports into my Training Peaks account.  Yay for having my training plan!  I’m excited to try training peaks because:

  • Coaches can push workouts into my calendar
  • I can track my nutrition & workouts, even loaded straight from my Garmin.
  • Cool reports for a data geek like me

ALSO:  I biked to work in Chicago today and didn’t die!  This is a major accomplishment for me, because I have not really ever been very comfortable biking.  When I was a kid I never quite got comfortable on a bicycle.  When my bike was stolen out of our driveway (I was maybe 11?) we never replaced it and I didn’t miss it too much. 

In Madison, post-college, M helped me to buy a bike at the Madison bike expo.  I got a mountain bike (let’s call her MTB Betty, it seems like all the cool bloggers name their bikes!) and I worked on getting comfortable biking.  I went on a couple long-ish rides, but really only had a year w/ my bike out in rolling hilly Wisconsin.

In Chicago, I had a new set of challenges:  traffic, city living, crazy drivers.  I started biking a few times, and unfortunately had a bit of a run-in with the pavement my first year.  Lesson:  Don’t weave between road & sidewalk, and try to avoid biking on North Avenue. 

Last summer there was some biking, and still some anxiety on getting around.  This year, I’m feeling much more comfortable!  I got a bike tune-up in March, and have done two 12-mile bike rides already this year. 

Now I’m training for this triathlon (which one? still have to figure that out…) and need to get in more sports and more time training.  So getting more activity in any way I can is a good idea.  Lucky for me I am magically feeling more comfortable on the bike, and one thing lead to another… biking to work! 

Overall the Bike to Work was good.  Positives:

  • Half hour of exercise done w/o any extra time out of my day
  • Getting home faster than if I was in a car.  Speed past those gas-guzzlers!


  • Maybe I shouldn’t have picked a 90 degree day to start?
  • Remember that the goal of getting to work is not to be as sweaty as possible.
  • Almost getting hit by a car.  It wasn’t actually me almost hit, but I was right in front of another cyclist who had a car come up so close to him that he was able to hit the hood. I was more shaken up than the actual cyclist, who never stopped riding.  (I aspire to be comfortable enough to hit a car hood while I’m riding!)

Verdict:  Live to ride another day! 


2 thoughts on “More about Planks & I’m Still Alive

  1. kilax

    Yay for riding to work! I would love to start riding to the train station each day but also wonder about the sweaty mess thing. Maybe I will have to shower when I get to work or something? Keep up the biking! You will be 100% comfortable in no time!


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