2 Minute Plank!

This weekend was another busy one!  Saturday was (unfortunately) filled with work.  I was so exhausted after 10 hours that day (on top of the Mon-Fri already!), that I could barely muster to take a walk to dinner that night.  I’m glad I did though – M & I shared some excellent Pequod’s pizza.  Aaah, pizza.

Sunday was a bit off for me – I went to my triathlon program’s kick-off in the morning.  Lots of information! I’m excited to get into the training… we start with getting back into swimming! I’m going to find a pool near me for the weeknight swim workouts. 

I had planned on running as soon after I got back from the tri program at Fleet Feet, but was feeling hungry.  So some chips & salsa, too hot! So then lots of water to cool off… I was then too full and felt off.  Somehow I napped for 2 hours, and woke up. Time to run… no let’s wait and eat some swedish fish. 

I finally made myself head out the door after 3:30 for the run.  Breakfast and snacking all day didn’t make me feel that great, but I didn’t feel too horrible either.  It was a nice run: 70 degrees and lots of people out enjoying the day on the lakefront.  I ran into my friend Adam, who had been biking out there. Overall I took the run relatively easy (~11:00/mi pace overall), but I hit a 9:40 mile for mile 4!  I figured I might as well push it for a mile, and then take it easy on the way back home.  8.3 miles total. 

Today’s been resting – both from the weekend (only 7.5 hours worked today!) and running.  Since I’m in “triathlon training” mode, tomorrow I’ll be biking to work to get my cycle on!  I did do some planks today:

  • side planks – 10 seconds on each side – yes I can do them. 
  • regular plank – 2 minutes! 

It’s really not too bad! I think I want to practice getting longer in the side planks, but don’t want to wear myself out for my overall plank goal:  3 minutes by the end of June.


4 thoughts on “2 Minute Plank!

  1. bobbi

    Nice job on the planks! Side planks are SO TOUGH for me to hold…

    (btw, you asked about compression sleeves – I won a pair of zensah calf sleeves last fall, so those are what I’ve been using. I’d like a tighter pair…maybe CEP…but will have to wait til they are in my budget.)

    1. Lauren Post author

      Mmm… you know I heard that CEP just began making their compression sleeves in that pink color! I haven’t seen them yet but their rep told me this at the Shamrock expo this year?


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