Happy National Running Day & Planks Challenge

Yesterday was “National Running Day” and I am glad I participated!  After an early AM session with my PT, and a long day at work, I chose to head out for a run over a glass of wine yesterday evening. 

It was a gorgeous day in Chicago to be out… temps were in the low 80s at 8 pm when I was out.  Everyone was out on the Lakefront path, runners, walkers, bikers & roller bladers galore!  I know we’re not quite there yet, but it makes you appreciate the quiet of the winter morning runs on the same path. 


In comparison, look at this same photo from January:


I’m glad to be able to run, and experience how the seasons change first-hand.

Other News

I joined the Planks Challenge!

Actually, I joined this 2-3 weeks ago, but am re-committing to it after my funky laziness. Here’s what I’m going to do:

  • original timed plank record:  75 seconds
  • goal for end of plank challenge (end of June):  3 minutes
  • Each week I will work on increasing my current best time by 30 seconds. 
    • Doing planks 4x/week –> should attempt to increase by 7.5 s each workout.
  • I also plan to do some side planks and other variations to increase core strength overall. 

Who else is doing this challenge?  What tips do you have? 


3 thoughts on “Happy National Running Day & Planks Challenge

  1. kilax

    Wow! I think a 75 second plank is awesome!

    And it’s amazing how much more alive the city looks in the summer. I like the quiet of winter too though. 😉

    How are things going with the PT?

    1. Lauren Post author

      Thanks! It’s funny to compare those two photos. They are both taken in almost the same spot, only about 200 m apart.

      My PT work is going well. I ran the Soldier Field and only began to note my knee/ITB at mile 9. We are dialing down the frequency of my PT visits, but I am on intense instruction to foam roll my IT Band & Quads every day, even if I don’t run. I’m also working on strengthening my hips much more too.

      How is your post-marathon recovery? Are you feeling OK?

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