Getting back into the groove of things

Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere, Lauren! 

Sometimes we all need a little push.  I’ve been in a funk recently (and also not so recently) since the Illinois Marathon.  I came out of my 2nd marathon with an aching knee and a bad cold, so it took me a little while before I got back to feeling OK.  I’ve been doing physical therapy for the last month, getting back into running & training, and there’s also definitely been a tip in the “too-much-work/life” balance too. Boo. 

What has been good about the past few weeks?

  • Physical Therapy began.  Not that I necessarily didn’t know any of these stretches or strengthening exercises before, but I’m on a regimen now. I have to do them!
  • Wedding planning began.  We looked at and settled on a venue & date!  Spring 2012 Smile 
  • My parents came to visit! We attended my cousin’s wedding reception, hung out, and I did go for a glorious six-mile run that Sunday they were in town. 

So in thinking through what I do to adjust to my “funkiness,” I’ve put together a plan!  Now, I did already have a plan – triathlon training with Chicago Endurance Sports this summer.  That doesn’t start until June 10, so I’ve been in a state of fogginess around what exactly I’ll be doing.  Somehow in my attempt to navigate through the fog though, I ….

signed up for the Fox Valley Marathon!! 

I’m now wondering how this will all work out, but I’m overall happy for this plan.  I have begun an initial training plan, and I expect to update it next weekend as I find out more about my triathlon training program.  Apparently I’m “go big or go home”.

Other Updates:

I ran the Soldier Field 10 mile on Saturday.  I did pretty well for not having run at all the week prior, and having been in my funk.  

Sunday, I had a Hash Run planned (for Memorial Day) and also woke up early and went to a Bikram Yoga class.  I’m definitely sore in my back today…. note: remember not to do Bikram yoga on day you’ll be running 2 hours later! 

Oh yeah – I signed up for a Planks Challenge.  I’ll post more about what my plans are soon, but basically – I need to get my abs in shape! 

Giveaways/ For the Xmas List 6 months from now: 

Marcia over at The Studly Runner is giving away a pair of 110% Try Harder knee sleeves.  You can wear them to help stabilize your knee, and there are pockets to put an ice pack directly on your knee.  Left knee, don’t you need  that?  Enter her giveaway today!

In case your other knee needs an icy compression sleeve too (you don’t want it to feel left out now, do you?), Amanda @ Run to the Finish is also giving away these knee sleeves!  I entered here and you can too! 

I’ve got plans for renewed calm, running & blogging, so look for some more posts later this week! 


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