May Goals & Challenge!

I wrote up my goals the first week of May, but didn’t push “publish”.  Here’s my list… and the challenge that got me to finally share my goals! 

Goals for May: 

1. Be a good PT Patient. Do my exercises as prescribed, and go to Physical Therapy!   3 visits so far, and almost daily exercises. 

2. Do some strength training (more advanced) twice a week. I have a groupon to use up for a circuit training gym.  I’d like to go 2x/week for the month I’m using the gym pass. Still need to sign up! 

3. Complete 2 bike rides before the May 15 Duathlon. One is hopefully the same distance (or longer) as the duathlon bike — 20K (i.e. 12 miles).   12 mile bike & another skills-practice ride… Done!

4. Begin to do a weekly Tempo Run – Start with 10 min warm-up, 25 minutes @ 10K pace, then 10 min cool down.  I’ll increase the time/distance as the summer goes on.  Ran a fast 3.5 after my bike warm-up. 

5. Resume Push-Ups Challenge. I paid the $0.99 for the “100 Push-ups” app, I should use it!   Need to start.

6. Time my plank and then double it!  Goal: Increase my core strength!  Benefits: Reduce injury, better posture.  68s was my record last Sunday.  Practiced this week, got to 75s.  Goal:  132 seconds, or 2 min 12 sec!  See below for more details!

7. Run hard at the Soldier Field 10 Mile!  Memorial Day weekend – is it reasonable to expect a sub-1:40 goal?  I ran 15K (9.3 mi) in 1:39:02 in November.  Sub-1:40 is a sub 10min/mile pace.  


Morgan from Life after Bagels has started a Plank Challenge! It starts on Monday, so there’s definitely time to sign up!  Check out the page for more details.  Since this was one of my goals, I’ll continue my work into June with this challenge! 


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