What I do when I’m not Running

I’ve been on a reverse taper since the Illinois Marathon, and have been getting back into running again!  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Physical Therapy  – learning the exercises to strengthen my legs & run without knee pain

Cycling – I went on a 12 mile bike ride on Sunday, and practiced some skills/drills (i.e. how to not grip both hands without losing my balance)… in preparation for a Duathlon that M & I signed up for! It’s on Sunday. I hope it doesn’t rain. Don't tell anyone smile

Gardening – Bought the plants for our balcony container garden for the summer!  I got some tomato plants (San Marzano & Brown Cherry), tomatillos (Salsa Verde, here we come!), Zucchini, Bell Peppers, and strawberries!  Garden holla! Who else is out there with an edible garden?

Cooking – We spent the weekend and made a Quinoa Tamale from the Mark Bittman site.  It was interesting… not quite like the tamales we get from the Chicago Tamale Man, but delicious.  I may be trying some other quinoa casseroles again…


What the Quinoa Tamale looked like out of the loaf pan, and then on my plate (with some salsa verde – homemade!) IMG_1696

Work – boo.  But catching up on some work that I had deferred in the last few weeks. Esp. since my boss is out on maternity leave and things are CRZY at work! Some of that is me starting to manage an employee, a temp for now, but either way a good experience in testing out management. 

Swedish Fish – just cus I’m running less does NOT Mean I’m eating any fewer Swedish Fish! What would you expect?  I still love them, but have been trying to eat fewer since I’m putting in lower mileage. 

Go to full-size image

What have you done on your time off from running?


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