Post Illinois Marathon

Wow, I knew that post marathon recovery would be hard, but didn’t know it’d be this hard!  Following my Saturday marathon I had sore and dealing with a nagging knee pain from the race.  I woke up Sunday morning and felt pretty good, but by Sunday evening, I was starting to break down a bit.  My throat had been sore on Friday and Saturday durign the race, but by Sunday evening this had grown to into a full-fledged cold! Boo!

Monday I took easy as a sick day to rest & also get my PT referral started.  Today I’m taking pretty easy as well, with a work from home day.  It’s been weird that when I’ve got a cold, my appetite is 0!  What am I going to do about reverse carb-loading? I’ve been trying to munch on snacks, anything that seems appealing, and had a smoothie last night for some fruits, spinach & vitamins. 

I thought I’d share some photos since I realized I wrote my race report without any photos included!

Expo & Shirt Exchange Zone




If you got a shirt that wasn’t the right size, you could put your name and phone # on a post-it for someone else to help exchange.  For example, “M ISO L 312-222-222” We joked that some of our single friends should pick the post-its of the size men or women that they wanted to pick up! 

Race Day:

At the Illini Stadium, Mike was the designated photographer.


Peter (black & white shirt) and Dave (orange shirt) finishing their marathon! Go guys!





Apparently my hair won’t stay put after 5:22! 


Post Marathon Yoga:




My sad attempt at downward dog post-marathon.  Please don’t judge!


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