Last two weeks of Taper…

So here’s the story about a girl who was training for the Illinois Marathon. After she completeted her last 20 mile training run (3 weeks out), she did the following:

  • 6 runs
  • 3 plane trips
  • 2 yoga classes
  • 1 oyster fest
  • and a big fat 0 (more to come on that later)

Work has been crazy… sent me to Houston, and then to Detroit.  One cancelled flight and a night in an airport hotel.  Every flight I’ve been on has been delayed or worse. One trip wasn’t planned more than 5 days out. Then Easter with my family in Maryland.  I’ve also been having a nagging knee issue that I was in denial about (“I’m ready for taper” “It’s the taper”).  Making a last minute game plan for race day with my left knee.

  • April 10 – Shamrock Shuffle – Race Report to come this week!
  • April 11 – yoga class. Struggled, but was tired. Felt too busy, left for trip the next day.
  • April 13 – treadmill 2 mile run @ hotel. Didn’t want to run outside along crazy Houston Highways. 
  • April 16 – attempted a 14 mile run.  Felt some knee pain 2.5-5 mi, and after I took a short break @ 10 miles.  Stopped running @ 11.5 and walked to 12.5 mi. Sad smile
  • April 22 – at my parent’s in Silver Spring, MD. Ran 3 miles (ended in hail!) with some knee pain. Hilly profile in comparison to Chicago.
  • April 23 – 7 miles (8 planned for day, 10 was originally on schedule) in Sligo Creek Parkway in Silver Spring.  Gradual hill course, felt some pain although not as drastic as last weekend. Gu @ mile 5 definitely helped. 
  • April 25 (today) – 2.25 miles run in a different pair of shoes.  No knee pain. 

I came to the thought on Sunday that maybe it’s my shoes.  I’ve been having these weird twinges/changes in my left knee when running ever since I switched to the Brooks Glycerin.  I bought them in Feb, didn’t start wearing them until March.  Pretty much the same time the knee pain funkiness started. 

I’ve got an appointment to be checked out, and will certainly be following up next week as well.  But for the time being, as I continue to prepare mentally for my marathon, I’m considering switching back to my previous shoes, Saucony Progrid Rides.  That pair of Saucony’s only has at most 250 miles on them (Dec-Feb) before I had decided to try out a new type of shoe. 

I feel silly for not having been more proactive about treating the knee issues sooner, whether they are due to my shoes or just as (if not more) likely due to an overuse injury.  March & April were definitely my “build it up” mileage months.  Then in my taper I really tapered… and have avoided the issue by not running as much. 

Am I crazy to switch back to my other shoes? I tried my run today in Karhu’s, a pair that I haven’t worn on any long runs. No knee pain. Next step: a 4-5 mi run tomorrow with my Saucony’s to evaluate if I have any pain with them.


2 thoughts on “Last two weeks of Taper…

  1. kilax

    It must be the shoes. I don’t think it is crazy to switch back – they don’t have many miles on them.

    I can’t believe you have had to travel so much! 😦

    1. Lauren Post author

      Thanks! I just finished a run in them and while they’re definitely different…. NO PAIN 🙂 4.25 miles + .25 mile strides. Lauren


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