March Wrap-Up & April Goals

March flew by and April is here… none the warmer quite yet!

March Goals (many were same as Feb):

  • Running goals: 103.5 miles – almost the same amount as Feb (104 miles)
  • Continue a healthy marathon training program, including stretching, rolling, cross-training and rest.  I have been stretching & foam-rolling much more.  Also did attend yoga and get on the bike trainer. 
  • Track my daily weight & body fat percentage at least 18 days. I tracked for 23 days in March.
  • Attend Yoga 5+ times in March. I went once with Kim… so good & will try to continue also. 
  • Try two new cross training activities in March.  I got on my bike trainer and also went to Yoga. 
  • Create a strength training program I can do at home twice a week.  Did not do… again. I did get some ideas from the CES Spring Training circuit workout we did this past week.
  • Follow a gluten-free week. I gave up Bread for Lent, so I’m not limiting further my carbohydrates.  I am eating pasta, rice or quinoa for my dinner carb most nights of the week (and leftovers & salads for lunch).  I’ll hold this goal until sometime after Easter. 
  • Lose 3 pounds – There was a 3 lb weight loss… my overall average weight moved 1.4 lb.  This average weight (calculated on the tracking website) moves based on the daily weights input.

March UnHealthy (non-health-focused) Goals:

  • Pay off Student Loan!!!  Completed in March
  • Plan that vacation!  Vacation time has been requested, and we’re price-watching for the airfare
  • Take first steps toward decorating the living room.  Fail. Need to continue finding places for the furniture pieces we’re looking to find better homes for!

April Goals:

  • Complete marathon training program healthy
  • Run the Illinois Marathon in 4:50-5:00.
  • Begin planning for triathlon & cross-training/strength activities for summer
  • Clean up & declutter the living room (find homes for large & small items combined)
  • Get out of work by 5:30 pm at least four times per week
  • Express gratitude each day
  • Begin garden preparations!

What are your April Goals?  Anyone else doing any gardening? 


1 thought on “March Wrap-Up & April Goals

  1. Raina

    Sounds excellent!! I too am on my way to doing a first though, in October. I’m up to 13.1 miles for my longest training run so far…and have a 1/2 marathon race at the end of April. Good luck with all your goals and training.


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