Yoga for Bloggers

Monday I met up with Kim, a fellow blogger, for some yoga class!  We’ve been meaning to go to a yoga class together since the Snowmaggedon in February, and our schedules finally synced up! We met up a little before class, and then grabbed a drink afterward before parting our separate ways.  One thing I had found interesting is that we both enjoy yoga (and running!) but practice in different ways.  I have trouble practicing at home and pretty much only do yoga at a studio, while Kim’s yoga habit is based primarily on a home practice. 


We took a hot Vinyasa yoga class at Om on the Range, which kicked my butt, to say the least.  I got a little banged up (i.e. skinned my knee) on Sunday, so any position where you’re kneeling was a little painful.  And that’s not counting the “good sore” I’m now feeling in my back and arms… hm, I didn’t fall on those body parts too! 

I know that yoga is so good for runners (and bloggers too – it clears your mind!).  It’s a great compliment to the pounding, and helps me to strengthen my arms & back in ways that I have not been able to do from running.

My favorite yoga poses:

  • Savasana
  • Downward Dog – doing this in the Chautauranga series incorporates flow & movement, and makes it that much more challenging!
  • Gorilla Pose – mostly for the name Smile 
  • Eagle Pose – a balancing act
  • Pigeon pose – a great stretch of some gluteal muscles
  • Bow pose and a standing bow pose, but I can’t remember the name of it. 
  • Happy Baby Pose

I found most of the yoga poses on Yoga Journal and think I’ll be browsing through there some more.  I want to try Extended Puppy Pose! That sounds like a good one to me!

Do you do yoga too?  Do you practice at a studio or at home (or both)?  What’s your favorite pose?


2 thoughts on “Yoga for Bloggers

    1. Lauren Post author

      Haven’t gone back yet. Am planning on tomorrow or Monday. I did try a spin+yoga option this past Monday! That was great — work up a sweat and then stretch it out! The next day I was not sore at all!.

      Let me know when you want to go back! Saturday afternoons or Sundays work for me too!


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