Running–Odds & Ends

This weekend has been relatively busy:

M’s birthday! Dinners & cards galore

M’s birthday was on Friday, so we have created a celebratory weekend!  It started Thursday night with a trip to the Bristol, a restaurant with a focus on local ingredients and a snout-to-tail philosophy. We certainly partook of that with our “pig’s tail” entrée!

M liked his gift and I liked the card I picked out for him! 



IMG_1579Saturday night, post run, we headed to Graham Elliot with his parents for a fun dinner! It’s a very inventive menu and we also enjoyed some unique beers! 

Sunday – we are preparing for a Hash House Harriers run! M is laying the trail and I’m co-hosting/haring! 

Long run without my Garmin

I was all set for a 15 mile run yesterday morning when I got to Piper’s Alley, turned on my Garmin, and saw “low battery.”  I ran with the Chicago Endurance Sports group for 10 miles, stretched a little, refilled my water bottles & headed out again for 5 more miles.  Although without my Garmin, I ran more based on feel, and ended up doing a little more than 5… at least 6 based on my MapMyRun post-run.  But it was worth it to get my Shamrock Shake at Mickey-D’s afterward! 

Today I’m more sore than after my 20 miler, so I think I probably ran harder yesterday, although I’m not really sure since I don’t have empirical evidence.  My gut tells me I ran faster yesterday, but I don’t know.  I did enjoy that Shamrock Shake a lot though!


3 thoughts on “Running–Odds & Ends

  1. kilax

    Sometimes I think running without the Garmin is freeing! I like it in the winter when it’s too dark to see it, or I have it covered up 🙂

    Do you have another 20 coming up?

    1. Lauren Post author

      I have another 20 miler in 2 weekends. I’ve only had my Garmin since January, so it’s been really cool for me to see how my pace changes depending on the run, weather, how I’m feeling… before that I barely tracked my weekly mileage! 🙂

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