Looking Back: Washington DC National Press Club 5K

As I’m preparing for my 2nd marathon, I’m thinking back to how I’ve gotten started with my relationship with running.  I thought I’d record what I can remember from my first race: the Washington DC National Press Club 5K on September 11, 2004. 

I had just entered my senior year of college at Georgetown, and was enjoying getting back with all my friends from that time (I spent my entire junior year abroad in Chile). My good friend Monica suggested that we all sign up for a 5K and so we did!  As the date drew closer, friends began to drop out of the race… many even that Friday night before! Winking smile 


Brad & I were the only two who actually met to go to the 5K that morning, and we headed over to the race location.  I had been jogging for exercise before, but this was my first official race!

I don’t remember too much about that morning (clothes: forgotten, weather: seemed good), but I do recall running through various scenic downtown spaces in Washington DC.  I loved Washington’s monuments, grand buildings and views, and mild weather throughout most of the year. I remember running hard, as hard as I could.

According to Athlinks.com, my time from that race was 31:13, or a 10:02 pace.  I don’t recall if there were Champion Chips used in the timing, but either way, that was a time that took me a while to beat! Only this past fall did I break that time in the 5K at the Bucktown 5K

What else do I remember? There had been a pancake breakfast post-race, but Brad & I headed back to campus so that we could continue on with that day. 

Anyway, I thank Monica for planting the seed of doing a running race back in college!  It was a great addition into the running habit that I was already forming. 

What was your first race?  What do you remember most about it? 

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One thought on “Looking Back: Washington DC National Press Club 5K

  1. kilax

    That is an awesome pace for your first 5K! Especially if you barely trained!

    My first 5K was the New Years Day one in Chicago on 2007. I remember it was warm for January (in the 30s) and thinking we did so much work we could eat all day. Ha ha ha.


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