February Wrap-Up & March Goals

February is a short bugger of a month!  AND Apparently it took me another 3 weeks before I could publish this.  In review, I signed up for a lot of stuff in February. We’ll call these my March Goals as well.  Italics were my late Feb/early March updates, Bold is my comments today. 

February Healthy Goals:

  • Running goals: 104 miles in mileage! I can’t believe it!  I’m signing up for CES Spring Training again! Has continued to go pretty well. Last week of Feb, 1st week of March were hardest, but I am back on a roll now. 
  • Continue a healthy marathon training program, including stretching, rolling, cross-training and rest. Continuing to work on this. Lacking a bit on the cross training, but I got my bike shoes today & put my bike in the trainer!
  • Track my daily weight & body fat percentage at least 18 days. I tracked for 20 days – a 20/28 success and more than I expected!  Continued this month.
  • Attend Yoga 5+ times in February. FAIL. Still a fail. Working on it.
  • Try two new cross training activities in February.    FAIL.  I did get my bike tuned up and some new pedals…
  • Create a strength training program I can do at home twice a week.  Half-a** fail – I’ve been piecing together things, but need to implement a regular program.
  • Follow a gluten-free week.  I found that I have much more success with weight loss/management when I don’t have any gluten. I’m not allergic, but restricting bread & pasta certainly helps to make my choices much more nutrient dense!  Maybe I’ll try some gluten-free sprouted bread. FAIL.  My Lenten sacrifice is bread (inc. pizza, pancakes, cookies, pastries…).  Challenging, but so far successful.
  • Lose 3 pounds – There was a 3 lb weight loss… my overall average weight has only moved 1/2 pound.  This average weight (calculated on the tracking website) moves based on the daily weights input. 

February UnHealthy (non-health-focused) Goals:

  • Pay off Student Loan!!!  I realized last week that I pay more in interest to this loan than I get in my savings accounts.  Since I’ve got a comfortable savings balance, it makes more sense to me to pay off the student loan and “save” the interest that I’d continue paying. FAIL.  Cash flow issues had me divert the $$ to credit card payments.  Completed in March
  • Plan that vacation!  Set a date, and a location.  FAIL.  We decided on Argentina, and have now switched to Amsterdam because of lower airfares.  Dates are still being negotiated. About to request the vacation time and book tickets.
  • Take first steps toward decorating the living room.  FAIL. Got Mike to post some barstools (i.e. purse storage) on Craigslist. Not yet gone.
  • Enjoy my vacation to Orlando!  Disney Princess Marathon, baby!  Mostly Success.  Vacation Completed, although parts were stressful.

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