Epic 20 Miler

Saturday morning was a 20 mile run for my training for the Illinois Marathon on April 30!

Missed my other long runs?

My friend Lilian is also preparing for the St. Louis GO Marathon, and this was her 20-miler before the taper.  On my training plan, I had scheduled 2 twenty mile runs, and yesterday was the first of these major long runs! 

Saturday’s weather had been predicted to be high thirties but sunny! so I planned on wearing my capri’s, my pink long-sleeve, and running vest.  When I woke up in the morning, it was a few degrees warmer than predicted, so I switched to a lighter long-sleeve (from my Rudolph Ramble race). I had overnight oats with almond milk, chia seeds, dried fruit & some coconut, and I had a Starbucks light espresso shot.

Since I’m training for a marathon, but participating in the CES Spring Training Half Marathon program, Lilian & I have been running with the CES Group, and then completing the additional mileage together after the CES runs.   Yesterday, we had 8 miles on the list for CES.  I headed out with my usual group and enjoyed a nice jaunt north on the Lakefront Path.  Ed from CES manned an aid station, which I appreciated and took some Gatorade, water & Swedish Fish twice during the 8 miles! When I got back to Fleet Feet (where we meet), I stretched, refilled my water bottles, and used the restroom. 

Lilian & I then headed out for an additional twelve miles! We made a game time decision to head south on the Lakefront path (rather than the usual north direction) and I’m so happy we did! It was sunny, and the south-bound path was less crowded.  We ran by Navy Pier, Grant Park, the Museums, and almost down to McCormick Place!  It was certainly long (duh), but overall I was surprised by how good I had felt!

My knee didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as last week, and while I did stop to use the restroom again (at the posh Lake Point Tower… no more Friday Chinese food for lunch for me!), I was overall impressed with the relative ease of the run! By the end of the run, Lilian and I were looking to finish & make the 20 miles, that we couldn’t stop running! We just kept going – around this block & that, in circles at a stop light… we knew that if we stopped we likely wouldn’t be able to start again! 

Post run, we refueled again with Chipotle! We enjoyed the Pozole Chicken Bowls as well as chips and guacamole.  Later on, it was time to head home, foam roll, shower & rest. 

Today, I’m resting, catching up on things around the house, and getting my bike set up on the trainer for some practicing later this week. More foam rolling is in order later this afternoon!


2 thoughts on “Epic 20 Miler

  1. kilax

    Awesome 20 miler! I am happy your knee felt good! I like breaking up my long runs like that – some of it with different people. It really makes it fly by.

    I can’t believe how close CU is!!!

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