How to Take Advantage of Your Garmin – Part 1

I’ve really been enjoying using my Garmin GPS device to track and aid in my running & training. Not only does it provide you real-time feedback on your distance, pace, and time running, but there are also some cool tools that you can use to help track your progress & speedwork.

I use a Garmin 305 & primarily use Garmin Connect for my post-run review & tracking.  After you upload a run onto the site, you can review it like this:

imageHere, you can see the general details from the run (fun note: I accidentally restarted the run a day later, which is why elapsed time is 23 hours!) and a map of your run.  But you can also switch from Summary to a “Splits” view that looks like this: 

image On this view, I can see detail about my splits.  Each split, or lap, is 1 mile since I have set up my Garmin to auto-lap at 1 mile.  each time I hit a mile mark, it will automatically mark a new split so that I can track and see how my pace changes over the course of a run. I started my first mile out at 10:22 and then sped up to 9:56 & 9:55 for the next two miles.

Here’s how I set up my auto-lap on the Garmin device when it’s on (set it once & forget it): Mode button > Training > Training Options> Auto Lap > set Auto Lap by distance at 1 mile.  You can adjust to auto-lap based on time as well.

Overall, it’s been a fun few months tracking on my Garmin. I do still keep a simpler spreadsheet of my mileage & training log

What are your Garmin usage tips? Please post in the Comments!


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