I’ve been in a funk.  A bad funk, especially for marathon training. It started right before I left for Florida, and I thought it was just stress getting ready for a trip.  The sun & warmth in Orlando helped to melt it away, and keep it away while I jetted off to Phoenix.  A week away from the cloudy, chilly midwest. 

But this week I’ve been back and it’s continued. It affects my mood and sucks my energy, and makes me not want to run. Maybe I haven’t been eating enough Swedish Fish?

I got home from work at 4 today, but moped about until 6:30 PM when I decided I truly needed to do my first run for the week.  I had planned on doing it on Monday, and then Tuesday, then this morning, or right when I got home.  But Thursday evening will work too.

I made it out, sadly still in sub-40 degree weather, but at least I was able to achieve my run goal for today.  I ran out to a local park, and then did 3 half mile repeats, or Yasso 800’s.  I made myself run hard for those, and survived.  I think I can continue on and run some more.  Hopefully spring comes soon!

Yasso 800’s are a work out that helps to prepare you for a goal marathon time.  You run 800 meters in your marathon goal time.  For example, if I’m aiming for a goal time of 4:45, I should be able to repeatedly do 800 meters in 4 minutes and 45 seconds. 800 meters is just under half a mile.  You start with 3 or 4 Yasso 800s, and add one each week.

Miles & Paces:

  • Warm-up: 2 miles in 21:04
  • First Yasso: 0.57 mi in 5:10 – average pace 9:01
  • 2nd Yasso: 0.51 mi in 4:40 – average pace 9:14
  • 3rd Yasso: 0.50 mi in 4:33 – average pace 9:13
  • Cool down: 2 miles in 21:45

Overall mileage (including recovery between Yasso 800s): 6.50 miles in 1:08:16

If you’ve trained for a marathon, have you done Yasso 800s? What other speedwork have you done?

I think I’m going to try and continue to do a Yasso 800 workout every week at least through taper period. 


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