Busy Week, Low Mileage

I’m switching between computers (work & home) for blogging now, as I’ve been travelling recently for work.  I began reviewing progress on my Feb goals while on a trip this week, and haven’t finished the post yet.

Anyway, after celebrating the finish of the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I spent Sunday & Monday relaxing and enjoying the parks! Monday night I headed toward the airport as I had a flight out to Phoenix on Tuesday.  After a not-so-great night at the Hampton Inn, I headed to the Orlando Airport.  (Note: I had used a rewards stay for this night, and was refunded it due to so many issues that I had encountered with service, internet, key cards, etc).  Orlando airport was the place to change gears mentally, from vacation to work, and that required a stop at an ExpressSpa for a manicure & some massage chair time! Smile Nothing like a massage chair to de-stress.

Phoenix and work was fine, although travelling on Tuesday (across 2 time zones!) made it hard to squeeze in a workout as I would have planned. I did run on Wednesday, and found a track! I did some unofficial speedwork – 2×400 & then 2×200 – in addition to the mile warm-up & cooldown.  Kind of fun! I should look for an accessible track near me in Chicago. 

Thursday night I hung out with my coworkers and went to a really fun Mexican restaurant/bar in Phoenix.  Lots of fun! 

Friday was travelling back to Chicago! Work ended early on Friday and we had a few hours to explore Tempe, the home of Arizona State University to explore downtown & then have a burger & mondo fries at the Five Guys Burgers.  Fun Fact: Five Guys is from the DC area!  They are now a national burger chain, and serve a ton of french fries.  I arrived into Chicago ~8 PM and could not wait to get home after being gone for a week!

Saturday I was supposed to run 17 miles, first with CES & then with Lilian.  I was so tired from the travel and my body feeling all over the map on time zones. I did the 7 miles with CES, but Lilian and I decided not to do additional miles (she’s getting over a cold – Feel Better Lilian!).  I went home, had a bit of food, showered, and got in bed for some additional sleep time before starting the day again.

It snowed a bit Saturday night, and I had planned on doing another “long” run on Sunday but I didn’t feel like going outside again. I got spoiled by the good weather in the south – when will it get warmer?!  I cashed in on a “one day free” pass for nearby Cheetah Gym. I found a quiet treadmill, and got on for as long as I could.  I lasted 90 minutes before boring myself to death.  And that was with a personal TV set to the Food Network.  I couldn’t stand the idea of watching Sandra Lee.  So it was time to get off.  I explored a bit, and found recumbent bicycles, and a channel showing a Julia Roberts movie.  20 minutes on the recumbent bike, and then off to practice my strength, core & balance. 

Now I’m relaxing for the rest of the day.  End of a week, busy, but definitely not quite as much mileage as I would have liked. 


2 thoughts on “Busy Week, Low Mileage

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