One week until Disney Princess!

I can’t believe I only have one week (less now!) until the Disney Princess Half Marathon! This is an event that I signed up for with a group of girlfriends back in August, and we are heading to Orlando, home of Disney World to run and see all the Disney princesses! 

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was busy! Friday night I went out to dinner with a co-worker, and then woke up early for the first CES Spring Training run! Saturdays are my long run training for the Illinois Marathon, so I had some special planning to do.

Chicago Endurance Sports Spring Training program for a half marathon started with a 6 miler long run, and I had 17 on my marathon training plan.  My friend Lilian is pacing for the CES group and also training for a spring marathon, so after our CES run, we went back out to the lakefront for another 11 miles! 

It was a gorgeous, albeit cold day! But breaking the run up the way we did made the time pass quickly.  Before we knew it, it was almost noon and we were done!  Mike and a co-worker of his met up with us at the end and we all refueled on Starbucks and Chipotle together.  At Chipotle I had a “Chicken Pozole Bowl” which they are testing out.  It was delicious!  My feedback is to have a bit more of the pozole stew and a little less chicken.  But that’s my personal preference!  Chips & Guac from Chipotle were not to be missed.  And leftover chips & guac made a great snack later in the afternoon too.  🙂

The 17 mile run felt great, and I tried to roll & stretch much more than before.  My big toe felt a little sore (more than the rest of the feet) so I decided that I need to get some new long distance running shoes. 

Sunday:  Sunday was errands getting ready for the Disney Princess race & trip. I got some letters to prepare a shirt, and a tiara!  Later that day I went to take my bike for a tune-up… I want to do more cycling this year and also complete a triathlon! 

Monday I had a quick run and to go buy some new running shoes.  Then it was a trip to the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN!  Mike’s coworkers went too, and it was more fun than I had expected! Who knew there was a Sex & the City slot machine! Although that was the one that took my money too quickly! 2 miles run, and then some gambling… what better way to spend President’s Day?!  


5 thoughts on “One week until Disney Princess!

  1. kilax

    I can’t wait to see your Princess Half outfit!

    Yay for 17! How do you feel like training is going? This is going to be your first full, right? 🙂

  2. Ritter

    Awesome job on your 17! You’re going to have so much fun running in Disney!! Take lots of pics for us 🙂 And Good Luck!!!

    Ah another triathlon newbie – I’m in the same boat as you! I would like to complete one triathlon this year.

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