Triple Tangent Tuesday

I am jumping on the bandwagon (and creating some structure to my blogging) and joining Janae from Hungry Runner Girl in Triple Tangent Tuesday.

1. Mike & I saw the future Chicago Mayor on our Valentines date last weekend!  We went out to a delicious dinner @ Mon Ami Gabi and saw Rahm Emanuel!  I had a better view, and gazed at both Mike and Rahm during most of the dinner.  He ate steak, and had some red wine.  Definitely noticed that he took his tie off in order to relax on his dinner with me (I was 2 tables over).  (I was clearly a bit proud of this run-in, as this may become the “Rahm Runs for Mayor” blog soon.)

2. I’ve been craving veggies like no other this past week.  Maybe it’s reading about Janae’s huge veggie salads, or the dehydration and fresh food desert that was Iowa last week.  I swear, the best meal I had there was from Chili’s and it was good only because there were Buffalo wings & also freshly steamed brocolli and carrots. I didn’t even like the sandwich I got.  So far Monday & Tuesday this week I’ve had a salad with Spinach, Broccoli, Cauliflower, and more each day. 

3. My favorite TV shows historically have been Gray’s Anatomy & Private Practice.  But recently as we got cable, I’ve learned about other shows like “Confessions: Animal Hoarders”.  That may take on my new tv show, as I can’t seem to change the channel or turn the TV off when I find out that it’s on.  It’s truly educational. 

The Effects of Animal Hoarding


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