Planning for Breakfast

The major issue that I encountered yesterday that made my long run not as enjoyable as it could have been was that I was having tummy issues.  I’ve had these in the past, but I think that yesterday’s were due to errors made in fueling pre-run. 

Yesterday, I woke up 1 hour before the run, got ready, and ate a Carrot Cake Clif Bar in the 5-15 minutes before I left & began running.

Typically in the recent past I have eaten my breakfast but then had at least 30-45 minutes to digest before leaving for the run.  This was because I would drive or take the bus to meet my running group, whereas yesterday I began running as soon as I left my house. 

Most of the time those breakfasts were a Clif Bar.  But yesterday, I kept feeling that darned Clif bar in my tummy, queasing me up while running. 

I’m wondering if I need to try some new things related to my Long Run breakfast as I’m increasing my mileage (and starting earlier).  I read in Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training book that you should eat 2-4 hours before the race.  Not that I’m racing, but I think yesterday was a loud & clear alarm that my body needs more than 15 minutes to digest. 

Other potential #fails:

  • I filled both bottles with G2 Gatorade. I started doing this for my hydration pack I carry while running because when it’s super-cold, the water starts to freeze! But yesterday and hopefully from now on it will be above freezing when I run.  More water, less G2.
  • I had pizza the night before, rather than a more customary pasta or stir-fry (rice) dish.  I felt fine when I woke up, so I don’t think that was what the issue was. 

OTHER NEWS: I went out on my Valentine’s date last night to Mon Ami Gabi and saw Rahm Emanuel!  Date with Mike was also nice, but it was crazy to see Rahm too! Rahm will very likely become the next Chicago mayor, and I had a great view of him eating steak.  Mon Ami Gabi was a great place for a date (politico’s or not) and had delicious food and wonderful service.  The whipped cauliflower was to die for. 

What do you eat for breakfast before a long run (13+ miles)?  How long before you begin running do you eat breakfast? 

Have you ever had a run-in with a Politico? 


5 thoughts on “Planning for Breakfast

  1. runharrietrun

    I swear by a powerbar harvest and a banana with a tbsp of almond butter, plus water and coffee. I do need at least 45 min to digest though.

    Politicos. Let me think. Way back in 1999, when I lived in Arlington VA (right outside Washington DC) I used to see Janet Reno quite a lot at the local organic supermarket. Once I even stood in the same checkout line! She was really tall. Um, and now I live in Berlin and work across the street from the headquarters of the Green Party, so pass various Green politicians on the street from time to time. Yeah, not so exciting really…

    1. Lauren Post author

      That’s so exciting about Janet Reno! I grew up in the DC area, but the closest was Bill Clinton visiting my school… not quite a real-life run-in.

  2. Amy

    I am super ritualistic, so once I’m getting up into the long-run mileage, I do the same thing EVERY TIME.

    Night before – pizza, no meat; 1 beer.
    Morning (at least 30 minutes before starting my run): 1 piece of toast w/ PB; 1 cup of coffee; Gu every 45 minutes during run
    Post run: small fruit & protein smoothie (usually strawberries & bananas blended w/ protein powder & vanilla soy milk)

    Now that I’m still rehabbing the foot & not up to long miles, I have no ritual, and didn’t eat at all before this morning’s run!

  3. Ritter

    Sorry to hear you were having tummy issues.. that’s no fun at all!

    I always have coffee and cereal in the morning and then my pre-race fuel is usually a peanut butter and jelly on wheat or a pb&j on a half a bagel. So far, so good!

  4. kilax

    I tried a Clif Bar, and THAT flavor, for the first time yesterday! Yum!

    It’s good to document all of this and figure out what works for you!

    I eat breakfast about an hour before long runs – oatmeal with flaxseed and sugar, and a banana. It works well for me. And I don’t drink Gatorade too often, even though I know I should. I hope you figure out what works!


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