Blizzard Run #3–Long Run Saturday

OK, so the blizzard is technically over, but we had to deal with the after-effects of the Blizzard on our Saturday Long Run. 

I had planned to run with Lillian again this weekend, although we weren’t exactly sure how this was going to work out.  If you hadn’t heard about the Chicago Blizzard of 2011, check out some of these stories:

Anyway, as Lillian and I were planning for 14 & 15 mile runs this weekend, we weren’t sure what was going to happen. Snow stopped on Wednesday, but after 20 inches of snow, we weren’t sure how our trusty Lakefront path was going to be. 

We did research:  checked out Fleet Feet Chicago’s facebook page, Twitter searches, and I asked some coworkers who live/commute along lakeshore drive.  Results:  we think the path is clear. 

So Saturday morning rolled around and we made it to North Ave to start our run.  We couldn’t find a clear path to get out to the lakefront, so we started running north within Lincoln Park.  We heard from some runners (faster, gliding along the snow) that the best way to get out to the path was at Belmont, so we continued up there and headed out to the Lake! 
I was quite surprised at how many people we saw running along the lake, but we are squarely now in Spring Marathon training season, which includes the Boston Marathon!  Many speedy groups running. 

We enjoyed our run up to the north.  The path was pretty much clear, a few spots with packed snow. Since we had planned on many miles, on our way back we Where Ice Fishing Is Capitalcalculated that we likely wouldn’t make our mileage and began planning some additional loops to get to our mileage goals.  We ran out along Montrose Harbor and saw kids sledding – and men ice-fishing. See this photo from Madison, WI where I used to see this all the time when I used to run along Monona Bay (source).

We also took a nice little detour along Belmont into Lakeview, and ran toward Wrigleyville.  This was interesting as there were tons of pedestrians on some narrow sidewalks.  Lots of sidestepping, “Good Morning”s and “On your Left!”

On the way back down to our starting point, I got lost from Lillian and we both made it back to the starting point! 

Post run, we rested @ Starbucks, went to Fleet Feet for some protein candy fuel – and I tried out this warming back wrap that they’re marketing as a great Valentines Day gift. They had a microwave and everything to test it out with.  Felt great after my cold & long run. 

Once I got back home, showered & dressed,  M & I dug my car out and we went out for a Chipotle Burrito Date!  I won a free certificate at a recent fun run, so it was all free.  It was an excellent way to refuel after the run.  I didn’t have the all-day hunger that I’ve sometimes had after long runs because I didn’t eat a huge meal when I came back.  Burrito date included not only burritos, but chips & guac too!  I also had some soda since it was free – and I rarely have soda!

This morning I picked up my packet and attended the kick-off for the Chicago Endurance Sports Spring Training program.  It was good to see some people I met in the winter, and I won a hat!  Now I am chilling, prepping for the week, and preparing for Superbowl time!

Do you see the difference in time & moving time from my Garmin? If you have one, which do you base your average paces off of? 

Total mileage: 14.93 miles

Split Distance Time Moving Time
1 1 0:13:03 0:12:13
2 1 0:12:20 0:11:58
3 1 0:12:02 0:11:48
4 1 0:11:13 0:11:13
5 1 0:11:00 0:10:58
6 1 0:12:40 0:12:36
7 1 0:11:50 0:11:38
8 1 0:12:02 0:11:53
9 1 0:12:32 0:12:24
10 1 0:11:48 0:11:31
11 1 0:12:24 0:11:51
12 1 0:12:18 0:11:39
13 1 0:11:53 0:11:38
14 1 0:13:32 0:12:49
15 0.93 0:11:54 0:11:04
Summary 14.93 3:02:37 2:57:13

3 thoughts on “Blizzard Run #3–Long Run Saturday

  1. kilax

    I am happy the path was clear! It would be fun to be out there with all the other spring marathon runners.

    I have not seen stats like that from my Garmin – I am not sure what they mean! I know the overall time and moving time are different from when I pause the watch to wait for a car, stop in the house, or (sigh) take a breather.

    I cannot believe you won something again. Woo hoo!

    I had a Chipotle burrito yesterday! NOM NOM NOM.

  2. Corey @ the runner's cookie

    I’m glad you were able to get out there and get a run in!! It’s been so tough lately. Hmm I’m not sure I know what you mean about the Garmin – I think the moving time vs. time is something I’ve missed? Does the regular “time” just not account for the time you spend standing still (like if you pause at a traffic light, for example)? I once emailed the Garmin support people and they got back to be pretty quickly and addressed my question, so you might want to try that.

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