February Goals & January Review

January has flown by!  Read about my weekend here.  I’m amazed at what I’ve done.  One amazing accomplishment: I’ve run 13 miles 3 times in the month of January! Plus a few more runs or two. 

My January Goals:

  • Track my daily weight & body fat percentage at least 23 days.  I tracked 16 days, which was 200% more than December!
  • Go to Bikram Yoga or other Hot Yoga at least 1x/week. I went to yoga 3 of the 4 weeks in January.
  • Consider how to incorporate circuit training like in the 30 Day Shred.  Maybe I’ll just do the video, or cash in on my TeamiFit groupon.  Not much progress made here. For February, I will plan on Yoga + 1 other activity each week. (2 Cross-Training activities each week).  I am also going to put together a strength training routine that I can do at home.
  • Work on adjusting my nutrition based on the Racing Weight guidelines. I’ve continued to be conscious of what I’m eating, and be thoughtful of what choices are better than others. And this was a vague goal.

January Goals

  • January Mileage Goal (for the 4 weeks of January):  85 miles.
  • Actual Mileage: 77.81 miles (omg – I love keeping track via blog of my progress).   I was out of town twice and also sick.  Need to continue to work on consistency. 

February Healthy Goals:

  • Running goals: 104 miles in mileage! I can’t believe it!  I’m signing up for CES Spring Training again!
  • Continue a healthy marathon training program, including stretching, rolling, cross-training and rest.
  • Track my daily weight & body fat percentage at least 18 days. I’ll be out of town for 6 days so this is 81% success. 
  • Attend Yoga 5+ times in February.
  • Try two new cross training activities in February.  Ideas include: spin class, get a gym pass & take new classes, pilates classes, cash in in TeamiFit groupon.
  • Create a strength training program I can do at home twice a week. 
  • Follow a gluten-free week.  I found that I have much more success with weight loss/management when I don’t have any gluten. I’m not allergic, but restricting bread & pasta certainly helps to make my choices much more nutrient dense!  Maybe I’ll try some gluten-free sprouted bread. 
  • Lose 3 pounds – I want to get back to “racing weight” – i.e. what I was weighing before the holidays Smile Exercise, limiting bread & pasta, should help.


February UnHealthy (non-health-focused) Goals:

  • Pay off Student Loan!!!  I realized last week that I pay more in interest to this loan than I get in my savings accounts.  Since I’ve got a comfortable savings balance, it makes more sense to me to pay off the student loan and “save” the interest that I’d continue paying.
  • Plan that vacation!  Set a date, and a location.
  • Take first steps toward decorating the living room. 
  • Enjoy my vacation to Orlando!  Disney Princess Marathon, baby!

Has anyone used a decorating service? I found an interior decorating service that focuses on using pieces you already have. Thoughts?


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