Blizzard Run #2–SNOWMAGGEDDON!

OK – so today is day 2 for me running in the morning and also day 1 for me doing a double run!  Read about my Blizzard Run #1 this morning.

After working from home and avoiding the mayhem that was Chicago trying to leave downtown this afternoon, M asked me if I wanted to go and do the Running Away Fun Run tonight.  Although Chicago is expecting the worst snow in years (18+ inches!) and Chicago Public Schools closed for the first time in 12 years, I went along.  2.83 miles and back to tell the tale!

Before the run, all clean and dry:


Us at Running Away. Fun Run of two:


Other pics from our run:








3 thoughts on “Blizzard Run #2–SNOWMAGGEDDON!

  1. runharrietrun

    That is awesome! Isn’t it great being the only person/people out and about in the snow? And, I mean, why not? Great photos as well.

    btw, I found a link to your blog somewhere and recently started reading, really enjoying it! Stay warm, I hear Chicago is a nightmare right now.


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