Blizzard Run #1!

So technically the blizzard hasn’t started yet.  But I want to get my mileage in this week, so I ran both this morning & yesterday morning before work.  I’m becoming a morning runner! I set up my cell phone alarm clock to look like this:


This morning I woke up and got out for my run!  I took a camera with me to practice taking pictures while running. I’m practicing for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

Here’s what my street looked like this morning. We got 2 inches of snow last night. I was wearing my Yak Trax!


Running in the city neighborhoods is a little different than some of the nature-like photos I see people take.  Here’s my scenery from Bucktown:



Even at 6:30 AM the streets are getting busy! IMG_1334

There’s the “L” – the elevated subway system that we have here in Chicago (see the overpass in this picure below):


On the way home it was starting to be more slushy – the pavement warms up quickly!


Since we are preparing for Snowmaggedon, I am working from home today so that I do not get trapped at work in a white-out and have to eat cheez-its, oatmeal & tea for three days.  After cleaning up from the run, I made myself a “grilled banana sandwich”


It was good, and I got the idea for trying this from here.  Now off to work from my home office/guest bedroom! 

Have you tried AM Running?  What tricks work for you to get out and going? How long do you run for if it’s a morning run?

What’s the best at-home breakfast you’ve eaten? I need more ideas for the Snowmaggedon! We may be here for a while!


3 thoughts on “Blizzard Run #1!

  1. kilax

    Yummy breakfast sammie! I like having Malt-O-Meal or oatmeal. I know. I’m lame.

    I love to get up and run early! My cat is my alarm clock, ha ha.

    Good for you for already getting two runs in!


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