Weekend Wrap Up

So January has flown right by!  I can’t believe we’re done with the first month of 2011.  My first month of marathon training has gone pretty well, and I’m looking forward to completing February better! I got sick for a few days in January, and have also struggled with being grumpy about my commute (I live 3 miles away, but it was taking 45 minutes & a transfer on public transit!).  I have been testing out driving to work (and paying $10/day – actually not too bad for downtown Chicago), and getting to & from work in 10 minutes! It sounds weird, and I cry a little on the inside for the environment, but I feel much happier and less stressed than waiting for the bus twice a day.

This weekend:

Saturday morning, I met Lilian from CES Winter Warriors for our weekly long run!  I’ve been missing meeting up with people for a long run, and it was great to see Lilian! 

I took a nice long route to meet Lilian at Pipers Alley, and then we ran 8 miles together. It was just over 30 degrees, so I wore my Lululemon tights, my favorite pink top & my vest. 

It was a nice day to run, and it was pretty along the lakefront. Look at this picture, and imagine less snow, a higher sun, and more people out enjoying the “warm” weather. That’s me in a pink top with black vest and Lilian is looking snazzy all in black Smile.  Do you like my drawing?

Lauren @ Chicago Lakefront in Winter

Adding my run out to the lake, and our cool-down, I ran 13.11 miles! 

Post-run, we stopped at Starbucks and I scarfed down a donut in addition to a Café Misto. Apparently that’s what they call a café au lait these days.  Lilian was kind enough to drive me home rather than make me run home, and I showered and promptly got into bed.

After napping resting, M & I went to REI and tried on cycling shoes.  I’m planning to become an Ironwoman do my first triathlon this summer, and am going to start taking a spinning class to develop some cycling endurance.  Hopefully when it’s warmer out, I’ll be able to bike to work a little too! 

After a great Chinese dinner out, Sunday I spent the morning at Bikram Yoga, and then the afternoon hanging out with the Chicago Princesses!  This is a group of friends that I’m going to Orlando with at the end of February to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon! We met to exchange some late Christmas gifts, and it was a very fun afternoon! 

Heather, Courtney, Jen & Jenna & I noshed on healthy snacks – including a raw veggie pizza, fruit & a chai dip (aka crack dip), and more!  I contributed holiday-flavored Gu’s (not to eat at the party, but for the next training run).  Then we exchanged gifts. I got Heather a SPI-belt.  Heather got me a cool book I’ve been wanting to read – Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide by Hal Higdon. 

Go to full-size image

I’m super excited to read this and see what else I’ll learn for my Illinois Marathon training. 

We also watched YouTube videos about the half marathon in order to figure out how to prepare and what to wear! Here were some of the more memorable videos.  First one is pretty quick, the others were longer and entertaining for their own reasons Smile

Short and sweet!
Mile by mile
Guidance on how to be a princess

3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Amy

    I feel your commuting pain! If I drive, it takes 20 minutes, tops (a little longer on the way home – maybe 30), but I have to pay $11/day to park (which hurts me – that’s almost $200/month….), but the public transportation takes 75 minutes in the morning & 90+ at night (with 2-3 transfers…) HATE!

    I am such a fair weather cyclist, that I can’t ride to work if it’s raining. Or cold. Or dark. Which, you know, happens in the winter! 🙂

  2. kilax

    I am excited you are doing the Disney Princess Half! And reading that book – I definitely want to hear abou it.

    Love the pic! 🙂

    It surprises me that driving would be quicker! But you never know out here!

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