Three Things Thursday

This is a blog “trend” (or maybe not a trend to go out of style), and thought I’d finally participate!

1. I caught a cold at the end of last week, and have been trying to get myself better all week!  I thought it was mostly done on Monday, and then Tuesday rained down on me with congestion and all 😦  Yesterday spent at home,  I think I’m doing better to venture out in public, but I’m taking it a little easy.

2. I signed up for Soldier Field 10 Mile!  Monday night I went to a Fleet Feet fun run where they were giving away prizes if you entered the race (I got a free burrito date for 2 @ Chipotle!) as well as pizza and beer (I didn’t drink the beer as I’m recovering from Cold 2011).  It was nice to see a bunch of runner friends from CES as well as Running Away Fun Runs!  I’m contemplating joining the CES Spring Half Marathon group, as a supplement to my marathon training and as a way to stay connected with people!

3. I’ve been getting goodies in the mail!  I got a charm for a necklace, from when I won the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, and also received some goodies for my Chicago Princesses!  Chicago Princesses are the group of gals I’m going to be running the Disney Princess Half Marathon with, and we’re having a little get together and gift exchange this weekend!

How’s your week going?


3 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

    1. Lauren Post author

      Soldier Field 10 mile is on Sat May 28 (Memorial Day Weekend). You finish on th 50 yard line of Soldier Field!

  1. Amy

    I love that the prize for signing up for a race was burritos! I would like to win that prize, too! 🙂

    Sorry ’bout the sick! I hope you’re all recovered soon!


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