Unexpected winnings

This weekend was the first weekend in two and a half months that I haven’t had a scheduled Saturday morning run!  I miss CES Winter Warriors!

I was out of town earlier this week, and tried to do the best that I could with working out on the treadmill while I was in Iowa.  5 degrees is the high for the day Iowa.  No running outside today Iowa (unless you want to double the amount of clothes you pack, Iowa).  I had planned a nice interval workout on the treadmill, which I scrapped when I got a call from a friend I had been wanting to talk to for a while.  I walked for the 30 minutes of our call, and then ran for a final 15 minutes before I hopped off the ‘mill to get ready for dinner.

So getting back to Chi-town this weekend, initially I had planned to enjoy my unplanned long run and do it later in the day on Saturday.  But plans came up:

  1. “Yoga for Runners” workshop benefitting Girls on the Run.  This was a great yoga workout, focusing on poses that will help to stretch where runners should stretch. It was a great class, thank you Om on the Range for hosting!
  2. Dinner out in the ‘burbs @ Kona Grill.  Kona Grill was actually delicious, and I sampled from sushi, calimari, a miso soup & a great grilled asparagus & salmon salad.  And there were some crazy red-velvet cupcakes for dessert! Those may have been the highlight!

When I realized this, I re-planned to do my long run Sunday morning, while M was taking his indoor cycling class.  2 hours on the Lakefront trail was just what I wanted.  But last night, I realized I had had a sore throat all day, and began to supplement with throat drops, lots of water & tea.  No help – this morning I woke up and my throat was on fire! I helped M get the bike onto the car, and crawled back into bed.  When I awoke, I downed more tea, water, and vitamin c. 

I did make it out to running option #2 for Sunday:  A Running Away Multisport fun run on Sunday! I did miss the beginning of the Bears-Packers game, but it was worth it to get out for my “Long Run” (only 3.75 miles! Unfortunately that was the longest I could do for this week!).  But there was something worth stopping for:  at the end of the run there was a wine & cheese tasting, and a giveaway!

I like to think I am an expert at giveaways.  I often seem to win at raffles more than probability should allow. I swear I’m not cheating.  But while I was munching on wine, cheese & chocolate, I heard my number called.  I won a pair of Karhu running shoes!

They were from their sale table, but hey – new running shoes for free?  I am excited. And I’ve been wanting to try some new shoes different from my Saucony Rides.  I got fitted (and their foot sensor machine was oddly on track – it knew where I get aches, and that my left leg is slightly longer than my right!) and then John helped me try on the Karhu Forward Ride Shoes.

For the shoes in my size, they had a “charcoal & violet” color scheme, which is quite pretty. The shoes also have a bit of a retro look to them too.  IMG_1320

Once we found the right size, when I tried them on they were quite comfy.  There’s not the plastic straps that many shoes have, which go from the shoe laces down to the sole, so there’s more freedom for your feet within the shoe. 


From what I was told, Karhus are a step toward the minimalist running shoes.  I’m excited as I’ve wanted to try more minimalist shoes, but am aware that they take a long adjustment period.  John from Running Away recommended that I not do my long runs in these shoes, as they don’t have enough support.  But they do feel comfy, and have a nice retro look to them! 

I’m feeling a bit better now, although my throat is still a bit scratchy. Hopefully this was literally just a 24 hour sore throat!


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