Subtropical 13.1

Yesterday I ran a half marathon, wishing that I was in a warmer climate appreciating the ability to run, even if it is super-chilly out! This was the culmination of the CES Winter Warriors program that I did this fall and winter. We met Wednesdays and Saturdays for runs, following a half marathon training program. Many people were headed to either the bahamas or to the R’n’R Arizona half marathon this weekend. 

Those of us that weren’t headed out of town, we ran here in Chicago.  It was a 13.1 mile “fun run” along the Chicago lakefront.  We ran from the Ohio Street Beach all the way up to where the lakefront path ends – up just past Hollywood Drive.  I definitely haven’t run that far on the lakefront path before, and with the stillness of the January weather, it was incredibly serene! 

My only goal for the run was to have a better experience than my 13 mile run two weeks earlier.  On that run, my water bottle froze, my gels froze, and I got very cold & clammy. It was also 18 degrees (feels like 5) out that day.

Yesterday, it was 25 & feels like 12. So still cold, but not quite as bad as before.  I did some things smarter:

  • Filled my water bottle with a little water and at least half gatorade (salt & sugar helps to prevent the freeze)
  • Carried Gu’s, and kept them in an inner pocket. Held in my hand for a few minutes to warm up before consuming.
  • With the slightly warmer weather, I wore 2 running shirts & a vest instead of my windproof jacket – that doesn’t wick any moisture away.  I didn’t want to get too wet & cold at the end of the run.

While I still have some room for improvement on the dressing side (perhaps a wind-resistant jacket that has some venting? and some wind-blocking pants?), overall it was a great run.

I ran with my Garmin, and was impressed by my stats:

Split Time  


Summary 2:33:46 13.74
1 0:10:48 1
2 0:11:00 1
3 0:11:06 1
4 0:10:57 1
5 0:10:53 1
6 0:10:49 1
7 0:10:45 1
8 0:13:22 1
9 0:11:20 1
10 0:10:29 1
11 0:10:49 1
12 0:10:30 1
13 0:10:06 1
14 0:00:58 0.1
Total 13.1 2:23:52  

I averaged a 10:59 pace over these 13.1 miles, for a total run time of 2:23:46. (We walked back to the Fleet Feet store from the run’s end point, so that was about a 1/2 mile more). Isn’t it cool that you can see such detailed information about your run? You can tell that we took a walking break during mile 8 – just after the turnaround @ the northernmost point on the path.  We also jogged during mile 9 so that some other runners could join us. 

Fleet Feet Sports was out there to support us and had an aid station for us near the Irving Park Rd tennis courts.  There was some (frozen) water in cups, gatorade and more water to refill your bottle with.  They also supported the “subtropical theme” by wearing Hawaiian shirts! 

Once we made it back to the store post-run, Fleet Feet had some great goodies out to celebrate our accomplishment! There was an awesome spread of bagels, cream cheese, coffee, gatorade cocktails & pineapple juice cocktails! The mini umbrellas had fresh cherries & pineapple on the toothpick Smile 


This morning I went out for a relatively short run along some of the same lakefront path.  These pictures show you how calm & quiet it is (and how Lake Michigan is freezing over – those are little ice floes in the water!):


Wrapping up Week 3 of Marathon Training: I ran 24 miles this week! My long run was 13.1 miles.  That’s more weekly mileage than most of my weeks last year!

In other news from the blogosphere:

KC from “My 140.2 mile journey” is having a giveaway of tri-shorts! One for men and one for women!  Check it out here!

Terri @ Our Big Fat Greek Marathon wrote about the use of ibuprofen while exercising.  Makes you think.  Yesterday was the first time in a few years I took some a few hours post-my 13.1 miles, but makes you think.  Caution, and minimalism, are good.


5 thoughts on “Subtropical 13.1

  1. Ritter

    Awesome job on your half!! And way to brave the cold elements 🙂 Chicago is so beautiful – I hope to get up to run there this summer. Are you planning on running in the Illinois Marathon?

      1. Ritter

        How cool! My plans right now are to run the 5k Friday night and then run the half marathon on Saturday. It won’t be pretty, but I figured it’d be more fun to get my mileage in at a race than at home 🙂 Good luck to you in the marathon!!

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